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Planview Advances Project Performance in Global Services Companies with Services Resource Planning

Leading companies report rapid ROI using Planview Enterprise

Austin, TX — February 22, 2012 — Planview® is extending the benefits of portfolio management with a new focus on service-driven organizations. Global organizations with complex service offerings are maximizing revenue and margins by using the Planview Enterprise® solution for Services Resource Planning (SRP). From quote to cash, the solution improves project performance and manages resources throughout the services delivery lifecycle.

The Challenge

Many leading global service-driven organizations spanning IT and product development services, clinical research and technical consulting have no way to get a comprehensive view of resource demand to maximize and manage the utilization of their team. They rely on spreadsheets, manual processes, endless conference calls and other ad hoc means of determining and responding to customer demand.

Historically, Professional Services Automation (PSA) software has been used as an end-to-end solution for mid-size consulting organizations. However, PSA solutions fall short in larger, globally dispersed deployments because of their lack of depth in forecasting, reporting and integration ability. SRP solutions provide the rich feature-set needed to run complex, global and resource-driven services organizations.

Key pain points for global service-driven organizations include:

  • Managing demand with a lack of insight in upcoming projects
  • Optimizing utilization across virtual, geographically dispersed teams
  • Analysis of projects to improve revenue forecasting

"SRP provides critical business functions not found in PSA solutions, and is much better suited for organizations that have a project-centric business model," said Michael Fauscette, group vice president of Software Business Solutions, IDC. "These solutions address the complexity of how an organization delivers value, manages costs, directs critical resources and generates profitability. From a strategic standpoint with SRP, instead of reacting to changing business dynamics after the fact, companies can plan ahead for what their organizations need based on demand."

Leading Companies Select Planview

Companies such as Pennsylvania-based SunGard Financial Systems, one of the world's leading software and technology services companies, selected Planview Enterprise for its SRP solution in its Global Services group. Serving more than 25,000 customers in 70 countries, SunGard provides software and processing solutions for financial services, education and the public sector.

"The implementation of Planview Enterprise for resource planning is quickly delivering results. We are able to get a good look into resource utilization -- in the present and over time. It's significantly improved our forecasting process. We're able to turnaround forecasts and other information within an hour, versus the three to four days it used to take," said Christina Bray, Senior Manager, Global Excellence, SunGard. "With the visibility provided by Planview Enterprise, we’ve been able to raise the bar on responsiveness to market conditions."

What We Say

"When people are your business, it's critical to make sure the right people are working on the right things in the right location at the right time," said Louise Allen, vice president of product management, Planview. "To be competitive and responsive to a market, world-class resource planning is more than nice to have; it's a must-have."

For more information on SRP, watch The Missing Perspective: A Resource View for Service Driven Organizations, a Webcast featuring Louise Allen, of Planview, and Margo Visitacion, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research.

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