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Planview Leads with Product Portfolio Management for Product Innovation

Clients, analysts and experts agree on the power of PPM for product development

Austin, TX — September 6, 2011 — At the forefront of product portfolio management (PPM), Planview®, is assisting increasing numbers of global leaders in managing product development and innovation, in industries spanning life science, technology and manufacturing. As a result of the demand, Planview has seen 50 percent growth in the product development-focused line of business from 2009 to 2010.

As further reflection of the growth of PPM, Planview was recognized in Gartner's PPM Market Universe: PPM for New Product Development Market Roundup, 2011 by Daniel B. Stang and Donna Fitzgerald, the first research on the topic to be published by the leading analyst firm.

According to the report, companies are benefitting from product development PPM, "PPM for NPD (New Product Development) is a growing, vibrant subsegment of the overall PPM software market, with spiking demand driven by companies interested in applying governance and oversight to their strategic product and service development and deployment."

Leading Companies Select Planview

Companies such as Austria-based Zumtobel Group, a leading international supplier of integral lighting solutions for a wide variety of applications, selected Planview Enterprise to support its product development initiatives. With over 10,000 products, hundreds of new products in development every year, and more than 7,000 employees worldwide, Zumtobel Group turned to Planview's solution for managing its complex and extensive product development efforts.

Planview Enterprise® is currently deployed to manage Zumtobel Group's more than 200 projects worldwide. Through the solution, the company's product portfolio is available in project lists and can be represented in high-level overviews right down to granular details. This gives Zumtobel an intensive overview of all its current projects worldwide, enabling the company to significantly boost performance by improving its operational planning and execution across the enterprise.

What They Say

"Planview Enterprise has resulted in a quantum leap in our planning and analytics. It is now much simpler to collaborate on, coordinate and codify project resources, finances and global development," said Paul Hoch, IT manager, Zumtobel Group.

Gartner states, "Companies interested in applying portfolio-level visibility, resource capacity planning, and elements of governance and oversight to their product and service launches should evaluate PPM for NPD software systems. Companies not currently interested in these areas should consider whether they should be doing more to keep up with market and competitive pressures."

What We Say

"Product development companies tasked with constant innovation must juggle a multitude of resources -- from people to funds -- all simultaneously," said Patrick Tickle, Planview executive vice president of products. "We believe Gartner's recent research," he added, "further validates the inherent value of PPM to address key pain-points in the product development cycle. We're seeing increasing levels of demand for PPM for product-driven organizations. This trend is continuing as leaders in innovation strive for greater insight and control over their resources."

Planview Enterprise helps companies improve product development by automating the ideation process, optimizing product and roadmap planning, improving time to market, mapping regulatory requirements and providing transparency into the true cost of product development.

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