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Latest Release of Planview Process Builder Brings Processes to Life with New Accelerators and Enhanced User Experience

New release of product line helps companies make processes more accessible than ever to users across organizational lines to drive compliance, speed execution and shorten time to market

Austin, TX — February 23, 2011 — Planview® today announced availability of Planview Process Builder™ 5.1, the newest version of its process automation and management line, which gives enterprises the power to bring processes to life and make them more relevant and easier to follow, and thus more effective.

The Market Need

Highly configurable, Planview Process Builder can support nearly any process on which customers rely, transforming labor-intensive, often paper-bound and
difficult-to-follow procedures into automated courses of action. It can be integrated with the company's flagship portfolio management product, Planview Enterprise®, to drive compliance with processes across the enterprise by embedding their modeling and management into the portfolio management framework.

Processes – how companies get work done – can represent a significant competitive differentiator for companies, which dedicate tremendous resources to developing and codifying them. Organizations can quickly and easily import their existing processes and related visuals into Planview Process Builder, allowing them to deliver an automated process that mimics the paper process exactly while exponentially increasingly its value by increasing adoption, accelerating maturity, and improving organizational performance.

The Planview Process Builder platform enables the key functions of process design, automation, measurement and auditing. On this foundation are the Planview Process Accelerators™, each a pre-configured best practice template supporting specific business needs.

Overview of Key New and Enhanced Features

New Process Accelerators

Planview Process Builder 5.1 features three new Planview Process Accelerators:

  • The Financial Planning Process Accelerator, which helps companies optimize their investment decisions by driving the corporate financial planning process
  • The Deliverables Manager Process Accelerator, which gives customers the ability to manage and monitor multiple checklists related to any given process to ensure that nothing slips between the cracks and that all critical items are accomplished on time
  • The Microsoft® Office SharePoint®Manager Process Accelerator, which enables users to ensure process compliance by combining the ubiquity of SharePoint content management with the power of Planview Process Builder

User Experience

Planview Process Builder 5.1 is packaged in a new user experience whose highly intuitive approach makes the process the focal point for users. The new interface features a clean, streamlined navigation with tabs and icons consistent with that of Planview Enterprise®, making transitioning between the two applications a seamless experience.

Enterprise Performance and Scalability

Performance and scalability get a boost from the reconfiguring of core elements of the Process Builder server foundation, cache improvements, single sign-on using Microsoft® Windows® authentication, and implementation of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server® as a remote document repository.

What We Say

"A company's processes are the heartbeat of how they do business. It's how they get products to market, how they manage their people, how they react to change…it's what defines them," said Louise K. Allen, vice president of product management, Planview. "This new release elevates what our customers already appreciate about Process Builder – the automation, acceleration, and enterprise-wide embedding of their processes – so they can leverage processes to take care of business, not be in the business of managing processes."

The new version of Planview Process Builder, together with all Planview Process Accelerators, will be available this quarter. Visit to learn more.

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