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Planview Drives Innovation in User Experience with New Levels of PPM Interactivity and Performance

Planview extends use of Microsoft Silverlight within core resource and project management capabilities in new release of Planview Enterprise

Austin, TX — September 8, 2010 — Planview® today announced Planview Enterprise® 10.2, the latest release of the company's market-leading PPM offering. This version delivers a powerful new user experience in core project and resource management capabilities by continuing the company's collaboration with Microsoft Silverlight 4, along with other important, customer-driven enhancements.

The News

By working with Silverlight, Planview Enterprise 10.2 delivers enhancements focused on:

  • User experience to improve users' interaction with information to affect better decision making
  • Performance and scalability to increase project and portfolio managers' productivity

This latest release from Planview demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to the value of user experience. Delivering compelling user experiences is vital to realizing the benefits of enterprise software solutions. As the portfolio management category expands and touches users across the enterprise within IT, product development and corporate functions, user experience must evolve and advance. The best user experiences promote user adoption and accelerate more informed, higher impact business decisions.

Planview Enterprise 10.2 drives innovation in user experience by working with Silverlight to dramatically improve the interactivity, performance and scalability of enterprise-class project and resource management. Using new Silverlight components, this version of Planview Enterprise delivers desktop-like performance while maintaining all of the advantages of browser-based applications. These innovations provide project managers with the power and capability to better manage their ever-growing project and resource portfolios. The resulting high level of interactivity allows users to be more productive and gain greater insight into their businesses.

The release also includes a new interactive Gantt chart that allows users to quickly and easily modify project schedules and view complex information in a simple, graphical format. With Silverlight as its platform, this highly intuitive and robust capability gives users an instant overview into the effect of changes on project schedules, resources and dependencies.

Additional usability enhancements in project and resource management include: delivering a streamlined user experience, scalability and optimization of performance. Resource managers can now see more information more quickly and easily with greater configurability, control over view preferences and reduced clicks. As a result, managers will be able to focus on the most important information to make decisions regarding resources.

Further upgrades to the Planview Enterprise suite include: enhancements to analytics, financials and extended portfolio analysis capabilities. Planview Enterprise 10.2 is available immediately.

What We Say

"It is an exciting time for Planview, but more importantly for our users. Our commitment to building the best user experience has been accelerated by technology advancements like Silverlight," said Patrick Tickle, Planview executive vice president of products. "The ability to deliver the best of both worlds -- desktop-style interactivity coupled with the benefits of enterprise scalability -- creates a no-sacrifice solution for our customers. We are excited about this release and look forward to continuing to drive this user experience paradigm into our products."

What Microsoft Says

"Microsoft applauds Planview's approach to make Silverlight 4 a core part of its portfolio management platform," said John Allwright, Silverlight product manager, Microsoft Corporation. "With its comprehensive business application feature set and developer tooling, Silverlight is rapidly becoming the standard for companies developing their next generation of business applications for web and desktop. Through its continued use of Silverlight, Planview is giving its customers a rich, robust PPM experience."

To learn more about Planview Enterprise 10.2's next-generation of functionality and usability, visit us online for a video overview at

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