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Planview Enterprise 10.1 Supports Agile Project Management

Latest version of portfolio management solution includes key data points and workflows for Agile development; out-of-the-box connectivity with JIRA

Austin, TX — February 16, 2010 — Planview®, the leading independent provider of enterprise-wide portfolio management solutions, today announced that Planview Enterprise 10.1 offers key enhancements and integration points that support Agile development, enabling product and project managers along with Agile development teams to better collaborate, improve efficiency and productivity, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

Agile Development in Planview Enterprise 10.1

Planview Enterprise 10.1 offers key enhancements and integration points that support Agile development

Planview Enterprise now includes specific data entry points, workflows and views to effectively track Agile projects throughout the development lifecycle. The company introduced Planview OpenSuite™ for Atlassian® JIRA®, an off-the-shelf integration with the popular issue tracking and Agile development tool used by more than 11,500 organizations.

With a team of developers that adopted the Agile methodology in building Planview Enterprise 10, Planview harnessed its knowledge and experience to deliver a robust project and portfolio management (PPM) solution that supports true Agile product development. Using Planview Enterprise as a system of record, the team created custom interfaces, workflows and integration points to track Agile projects, which have now been formalized and released in the latest version. Planview Enterprise 10.1 enables product and application owners to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by continuously infusing the voice of the customer throughout the development process;
  • More effectively manage customer and market-driven changes, resulting in higher quality products;
  • Plan a product backlog and always have visibility into business priority across teams;
  • And, through Planview OpenSuite, leverage tools that their development teams already use for Agile, such as JIRA.

"Adopting Agile yielded significant benefits for Planview and our customers because the development team is now empowered to represent the customer's voice by providing more iterations of working code for feedback, responding quickly to change and breaking down walls across the organization," said Rob Reesor, vice president of development, Planview. "Through our own experience using Planview Enterprise and the Agile methodology, and with significant input from our Inner Circle customer advisory program, we believe Planview has delivered the most comprehensive yet flexible PPM solution for product managers and Agile development teams."

Through the Inner Circle customer dialogue, Planview learned that some customers wanted to track Agile projects entirely in Planview Enterprise, while others desired integration with tools such as JIRA. What resulted was a flexible Planview solution that could be configured to support both needs. For customers seeking to manage Agile projects within Planview Enterprise, the latest version now supports key Agile data components such as Story Points, Story Status, Team, Sprints, Sprint Start and Finish Dates, velocity metrics and burndown charts.

For customers who desire interoperability with existing Agile tools, Planview also released OpenSuite for JIRA, a pre-built connector that allows for two-way data sharing between Planview Enterprise and JIRA. When product managers input specifics such as scope, timeline and output in Planview Enterprise, the data simultaneously appears in JIRA, where developers can maintain the project-level detail. Product managers receive status updates through Planview Enterprise with the ability to click through and view more specifics in JIRA. As a result, both product managers and developers can use their preferred system of record while still communicating effectively to ensure efficiency and productivity.

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