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Planview Brings New Dimensions to Portfolio Management with Brand Impact Analysis Capability

Brings marketing and product development organizations together through a proven framework that optimizes the product pipeline to deliver the most compelling products and services

Austin, TX — February 16, 2010 — Planview®, the leading independent provider of enterprise-wide portfolio management solutions, today announced the industry's first Brand Impact Analysis capability -- new in Planview Enterprise®. Brand Impact extends traditional portfolio analysis to leverage drivers of brand preference and the competitive landscape to optimize the market impact of products, features, and services. This new capability is based on an exclusive partnership with Strategic Harmony®, enabling product and brand managers to uniquely infuse the voice of the customer into the product pipeline to increase brand equity and competitive differentiation.

Brand Impact Analysis in Operation Plans

Analyzing and including brand impact in operational plans makes organizations' plans responsive to the market

"Brands are one of the most valuable and strategic assets in any organization. The vast majority of organizations lack a systematic way to leverage their brand intelligence to optimize the product pipeline," said Patrick Tickle, executive vice president of products, Planview. "We are excited to incorporate the brand dimension into portfolio management, enabling customers to better align their product and brand strategies and more efficiently bring truly differentiated products to market."

Key benefits of the Brand Impact Analysis capability include the ability to:

  • Establish a consistent, repeatable business process that improves collaboration between marketing and product development
  • Allow organizations to leverage their existing customer and market research to make better product roadmap decisions
  • Objectively evaluate the impact of new product and enhancement opportunities against quantified brand and competitive metrics
  • Employ proven Strategic Harmony® framework and metrics that have been successfully implemented in innovation-intensive companies

The new capability will enable product managers and brand managers to easily collaborate based on a shared view of the ideal customer experience, and understand why customers buy their products. Building on this, they can focus scarce resources on those products and enhancements that matter most and get them to market sooner, capitalizing on windows of opportunity to increase the impact of R&D spending on brand loyalty, growth, profitability, and shareholder value.

The Brand Impact Analysis capability helps organizations deliver products and services most likely to differentiate them competitively, by providing the intelligence required to effectively reprioritize the portfolio based on each initiative's potential competitive impact. Customers will be empowered to evaluate their current portfolios against a competitive baseline.

"Planview has done a tremendous job of bringing our methodology to life in a high-value software context, not only with a compelling user experience but also by seamlessly integrating it into a best-in-class enterprise-wide portfolio management solution," said Steven Cristol, founder and managing partner of Strategic Harmony Partners. "As a result, many more companies will be empowered to improve their product development ROI and business performance by having easy access to the Strategic Harmony® portfolio optimization model. With Brand Impact Analysis, we share Planview's excitement and vision for advancing best practices in product portfolio management."

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