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Planview Redefines Portfolio Management by Bringing Breakthrough Capabilities to Business Leaders Across the Enterprise

Latest release of Planview Enterprise adds new dimensions to operational planning, portfolio analysis, and execution management to help businesses thrive in the new normal

Austin, TX — February 16, 2010 — Planview® today announced the newest release of Planview Enterprise®, its market-leading end-to-end portfolio management solution. Building on a heritage of 20 years of innovation, this release helps business leaders harness the opportunities presented by the 'new normal' environment, which places a premium on a company's ability to successfully manage growing demand and expectations with constrained resources -- people and money.

Operational Capacity Planning

Figure 1. Operational Capacity Planning allocates an organization's resources to the prioritized investments from its Strategic Planning and Demand Management processes

Planview Enterprise 10.1 demonstrates unparalleled vision and depth in portfolio management. The result is the market's most comprehensive portfolio management solution, making this critical discipline relevant to all involved in planning and executing strategic organizational goals. Highlights of the release include:

  • A new Operational Planning Solution that introduces enhanced Capacity Planning and Roadmapping capabilities
  • Enhanced Portfolio Analysis functionality that incorporates brand and competitive dimensions in investment decision making
  • Extension of Execution Management to support the Agile development methodology and Release Management that improves the delivery and performance of development organizations
  • Depth in Financial Management that brings new levels of transparency to the costs of delivering products, programs, services and projects

"This release is a demonstration of the Planview commitment to expand the vision of portfolio management in ways that help our customers drive ever greater value from this critical discipline," said Patrick Tickle, executive vice president of products, Planview. "Planview Enterprise 10.1 is another example of our ability to partner with customers across IT, product development, and the line of business to broaden the relevance and benefits of portfolio management across the enterprise."

Extending Portfolio Management to Transform Operational Planning

Operational Planning Interactive Roadmap

Figure 2. Interactive Roadmaps, that reflect what the organization can confidently deliver and when, improve communication and attain company-wide commitment to a single operating plan

The new Planview Operational Planning solution fills a critical gap in enterprise-wide planning processes. It allows organizations to create a dynamic and consistently relevant operating plan -- one that is integrated with established financial and strategic processes and that allows for in-flight updates to accommodate changing business conditions. With a cohesive, responsive operating plan developed collaboratively, management can ensure that all levels of the enterprise can transform a unified strategy into effective action. New Operational Capacity Planning features ensure that resources are optimized against demand, to achieve a more revenue- and business-driven approach to planning.

Unique Roadmapping capabilities enable organizations to communicate a unified operating plan by publishing an interactive roadmap that reflects what the organization can confidently deliver and when. Roadmaps provide an integrated view of products, applications, services, technologies, campaigns and more, enabling the quick assessment of delivery schedules with customized views across product lines, lines of business, and the enterprise. Drill-down capabilities make it easy to understand the implications of modifying the roadmap and release plan, enabling organizations to obviate schedule issues before they impact productivity.

Bringing New Dimensions to Portfolio Analysis

The new Brand Impact Analysis™ capability for the first time incorporates Marketing into the portfolio management process by adding brand drivers and the competitive landscape as new dimensions into portfolio analysis. Leveraging exclusive intellectual property from Strategic Harmony®, product and brand managers can uniquely infuse the voice of the customer into the product pipeline to increase brand equity and competitive differentiation.

Customer-Focused Enhancements to Execution Management

Enhancements to Planview Enterprise support the Agile development methodology, which enables software development teams to be more market-focused by effectively responding to customer requirements. Now, organizations can leverage an industry-leading portfolio management platform to support both Agile and traditional development methodologies.

The new Release Management capability within Planview Enterprise allows organizations to track and manage releases and their associated products and projects. With a visual reference for date dependencies between various releases, products, and projects or applications, organizations can ensure on-time delivery, and can better communicate priorities, release dates, and requirements, while minimizing resource overloads.

Greater Depth in Financial Management

New financial management capabilities cover the planning-to-execution spectrum. Within financial planning, organizations can now forecast revenue of products and services. In execution management, new capabilities include enterprise resource costing of labor, improved management of capital expenditures, and enhanced support for program funding and charge backs. This release represents the culmination of integrating the industry-recognized Business Engine Network financial capabilities into Planview Enterprise.

New Features in Analytics

Planview Enterprise Insight Analytics includes new analytics and reports to support the new capabilities of Planview Enterprise 10.1. Prebuilt analytics for Operational Planning and Demand Management support the planning phase, and configurable treemap views showing the relative importance of large datasets enable quick overviews across complex portfolios.

Core Functionality Updates

Planview Enterprise 10.1 also includes significant enhancements to project and resource management driven through Planview customer Inner Circle programs. Enabling new levels of end-to-end process maturity, these enhancements improve project owners' ability to deliver on time and budget with enhanced resource and project tracking abilities.

The Ongoing Commitment to Interoperability

Finally, in support of this Planview Enterprise release, Planview is introducing two new offerings within its OpenSuite interoperability line.

Planview OpenSuite™ for Siemens® Teamcenter® PLM ties together the organizational capacity planning of Planview Enterprise® with the program execution of Teamcenter to enable the operational excellence that product development organizations need to increase competitive advantage.

Planview OpenSuite for Atlassian® JIRA® makes possible out-of-the-box integration between Planview Enterprise and JIRA, one of the most popular issue-tracking systems available, especially for Agile development groups. This integration enables collaboration and operational efficiencies between developers and product managers by leveraging investments in preferred technology platforms.

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