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Nova for PPM Methodology Powered by Kalypso

Driving innovation through improved product development performance

Planview has integrated Kalypso's Nova for PPM, a practical, results-oriented model for driving improved product development performance, into Planview Enterprise. Planview and Kalypso Partner to Drive Innovation Deploying the model shortens time to value for the implementation and accelerates adoption of innovation process management and tools with a flexible, rapid prototyping approach. The proven Nova methodology provides the analysis, governance and business rules to drive improvements in the following areas:

  • Idea Management -- Increases the quality and quantity of ideas based on strategy and customer needs. Creative approaches and tools help generate, prioritize, and select ideas to develop.
  • Portfolio Management -- Ensures development investments are aligned with strategy. Processes, tools, and governance structure enable decision-making -- the core of innovation portfolio management.
  • Phase Gate -- Enables innovation investment decisions based on a scalable gated process. High-performing, cross-functional teams use phase-gate to improve visibility, decision-making and new product offerings.
  • Resource Management -- Improves the transparency and information needed to successfully manage innovation capacity. This capability is embedded in portfolio management, phase-gate, and program management.
  • Program Management -- Empowers team leaders with the tools needed to ensure that innovation projects stay on track and on budget, while communicating progress and managing deliverables.
  • In-Market -- new product development teams with market and product performance insights, allowing them to tailor new product offerings to meet consumer needs and improve development processes.

Key metrics, reports, valuation techniques, business process flows, and decision-making structures are preconfigured in Planview Enterprise, allowing organizations to incorporate leading practices in product development and innovation right from the start. The result is improved portfolio visibility and increased pipeline value.

Nova for PPM

Enabled in Planview Enterprise, Nova provides the analysis, governance and business rules to drive innovation growth by:

Nova for PPM and
  • Monitoring investments and aligning them with strategy
  • Proactively managing budget and resource constraints
  • Communicating strategic priorities and objectives
  • Placing focus on decisions, not documents

Nova for PPM and

Planview customers have direct access to Nova for PPM leading practices within Here, each area has detailed definition and supporting documentation. also delivers access to Nova for PPM discussion boards and experts networks.

To learn more about how Nova for PPM and Planview Enterprise can help drive innovation in your organization contact

Nova for PPM