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Analytics and Reporting

Get fast answers to make smart decisions

Every business runs on numbers -- the numbers that show what your products are driving, costing, using up. Are they on time, ahead of schedule, late? Why, when, and how? What would happen if?

These are the questions you have to answer, often only at a moment's notice, and to varying degrees of detail. And if management isn't asking, then it's you that needs to know, for next quarter's planning. Usually, this means spending however much time you have cobbling your best guess together with spreadsheets into something that passes for something you can stand behind and move forward with.

Planview Enterprise has solved the problem for you, integrating truly industry-leading reporting and analytics and serving them up in one easy-access portal, which means you're never more than one click away from the information you need to make fast, smart decisions based on real-time data. Now, you have the information to:

Only Planview has a true end-to-end product portfolio management solution, built from the ground up to speak the language of product development organizations.

From process to analysis and everything in between: it's everything you need to deliver innovative products that drive bottom-line results.

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Stage-Gate ReadyCertified Stage-Gate® Ready
Planview Enterprise® is certified Stage-Gate Ready: an endorsement that it meets the requirements to help you drive innovation while minimizing risk in product development efforts.

3rd Product Portfolio Management Benchmark Study
CGT 2013 Readers' Choice Award