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Resource Capacity Planning

Improve productivity and efficiency with enhanced resource capacity planning

Resource Capacity Planning HorizonPlanview Enterprise delivers unprecedented levels of visibility and control into resources and capacities across IT, enabling you to consistently assign the right person to the right job at the right time. Using a portfolio management discipline, Planview Enterprise dynamically matches your available resources to organizational capacity, enabling you to answer the following questions:

  • Do I have the human capital to achieve my strategic goals?
  • Am I assigning the right person to the job?
  • How are my projects performing?
  • How can I extend my planning horizon?
  • What operational bottlenecks are affecting my productivity?

An Integrated Approach to Resource Capacity Planning

Resource Capacity Planning DashboardPlanview Enterprise offers an integrated, closed-loop approach to resource capacity planning. It combines top-down planning with bottom-up execution, leveraging automated lifecycles to manage the entire process from start to finish. The result is a clearly defined path to organizational efficiency that balances and assigns work based on project priority, required skills, and resource availability

Gain Real-Time Visibility into Organizational Capacity

Planview Enterprise delivers the dynamic visibility you need to align resources with organizational capacities. You can efficiently measure and monitor capacities on an FTE level and respond quickly to internal and external changes using dashboards and real-time trend analysis. This robust planning tool allows you to receive automatic notifications on work-slippage, capacity issues, and other concerns while extending your planning horizon, allowing you to engage in capacity planning months in advance.

Optimize Resources across IT

Planview Enterprise is a single, comprehensive resource management solution. Make sure that you assign the right person to the right job using dynamic skills inventories. Execute role-based planning and forecasting. Dynamically monitor resource utilization and availability with dashboards. Lower labor costs by increasing utilization and efficiency.

Automate Processes with Proven Best Practices

All Planview solutions are integrated with proven best practices to help you build process maturity and maximize your return on investment. Our adaptive IT best practices deliver a roadmap to success, providing an automated, step-by-step guide to process improvement that is built in to your Planview solution. Mature your resource management and capacity planning processes with the most comprehensive best practices library available.

Optimize IT Performance

Drive productivity by effectively managing resources and performing high-level capacity planning across IT. Planview Enterprise gives you the tools you need to dynamically manage resources and extend your planning horizon.

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