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IT Governance

Achieve enhanced IT governance

Effective IT governance delivers the structured processes you need to meet business goals while defining the rules of your IT game. However, governance is only the first step towards improved IT decision making. Planview Enterprise does more than simply define processes; it goes beyond IT governance by managing actions, monitoring performance, and enabling you to deliver enhanced levels of value to your organization. Using a unique portfolio management discipline, Planview Enterprise can help you answer the following questions:

Missions, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics

  • Do my IT initiatives support business objectives?
  • Am I effectively allocating resources?
  • How can I optimize IT investments?
  • How can I add rigor to my business processes?

A Closed-Loop Approach to Process Management

Planview Enterprise offers an integrated, closed-loop approach to process management. It combines top-down planning with bottom-up execution using automated strategic lifecycles to manage IT processes from start to finish. The result is a clearly defined path to achieving your strategic goals, from planning to execution.

Gain Real-Time Visibility into Your Objectives

DashboardWith Planview Enterprise, you gain the dynamic visibility you need to support overall strategic objectives. Efficiently measure and monitor the performance of your initiatives and respond quickly to internal and external changes. Reduce spending by eliminating low-value initiatives. Model different planning scenarios and evaluate the trade-offs involved in key strategic decisions. Determine what projects best support your strategic goals.

Integrate Decision Making

Enhanced dashboards allow you to measure performance in real-time and communicate across IT. Coordinate with business managers for integrated decision making and improved transparency. Define strategic goals and ensure that project and service work supports overall business objectives. With Planview Enterprise, you have the transparency to ensure that your entire organization is on the same page.

Support Compliance with Proven Best Practices

Planview Enterprise is integrated with proven best practices that build process maturity and support compliance. Our adaptive IT best practices provide a step-by-step guide to process improvement that is built in to your Planview solution. Advance your business processes by deploying mature solutions for financial management, service level agreements, change management, and more.

Go Beyond Governance

The irony of IT governance is that, when done wrong, it's worse than doing nothing at all. Planview Enterprise allows you to execute an effective IT governance strategy while moving beyond IT governance to dynamically manage the performance of your department.

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