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Business Service Management

Reduce costs and improve business service delivery

While IT leaders prefer to think in terms of new initiatives, the majority of IT spending goes to maintaining the day-to-day operations necessary to run a business. With Planview Enterprise, you receive unprecedented levels of transparency into services, assets, and applications, enabling you to improve decision making, reduce maintenance costs, and deliver new levels of transparency to the business. Using a unique portfolio management discipline, Planview Enterprise can help you answer the following questions:

  • What does it cost to deliver a business service?
  • How can I optimize the costs of sustaining operations?
  • Do my applications and assets align with business needs?
  • How can I meet SLAs, improve customer satisfaction, and manage chargebacks?
  • Am I leveraging ITIL-compliant best practices?

Capture and Manage the True Cost of Delivering Business Services

Planview Enterprise's Visual TopologyPlanview Enterprise is the only solution that accurately links services with related assets, labor, and applications to reveal the true cost of delivering services to the business. With this information, you can determine the value of services, identify and eliminate inefficiencies, accurately invoice business units, and gain control of IT spending. Reveal hidden value in your IT department by reducing maintenance costs and delivering business services more efficiently.

Standardize the Delivery of Business Services

By embracing ITIL guidelines, Planview Enterprise allows you to develop consistent processes for delivering business services. Service catalogs, service demand management tools, and automated workflows streamline the request and delivery of business services improving productivity, reducing workload, and eliminating service bottlenecks.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Service CatalogService catalogs and service and asset dashboards give customers visibility into the delivery of services, offering new levels of transparency to the business units you support. Use integrated service level agreements to manage expectations, deliver feedback, and improve customer satisfaction by adding consistency to your delivery process.

Integrate with Current Infrastructure Applications

Planview Enterprise integrates with your existing infrastructure applications to reveal the total cost of delivering business services. Get the most out of your current IT investments by leveraging Planview Enterprise's two-way interfacing capabilities for asset management systems, service desks, financial systems, and more.

Drive ITIL Compliance with Service Delivery Best Practices

Planview Enterprise is integrated with proven best practices that build process maturity and support ITIL compliance. Our adaptive IT best practices provide a step-by-step guide to process improvement that is built in to your Planview solution. Advance your service delivery processes by deploying mature solutions for financial management, service level agreements, change management, and more.

ROI in a Matter of Months

Successful service management can cut application spending by 30% in as few as 12 months. With Planview Enterprise, you can dramatically reduce maintenance costs and reallocate those savings to fund more innovative strategic initiatives.

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