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Application Portfolio Management

Reduce IT costs and reveal hidden value by optimizing application portfolios

Today's business environment features increased cost pressures, tougher competition, growing IT infrastructures, and more stringent regulatory compliance. Organizations are tirelessly looking for ways to improve performance, reduce costs, and gain an edge on the competition. Simply put, the need for application portfolio management has never been greater.

Most organizations lack a centralized system for capturing their application performance and spending over time. This means that the total cost of ownership (TCO) of current applications is unclear at best. Without proper visibility into TCO, IT executives can never be sure that they are retiring, enhancing, or acquiring the right applications at the right time. In short, without this visibility, true application portfolio management is simply impossible. Technology leaders are missing a significant opportunity to quickly and easily reduce costs and deliver value back to the organization.

Elevating the Application Portfolio

Leveraging the latest research from Gartner, we see applications as a first class citizen, and put the full power of portfolio management behind them. Analyzing a subset of the total application inventory in application portfolios on a quarterly basis can improve the focus and alter investment strategies.

Traditional attempts at application portfolio management typically involve one-time, ad hoc rationalizations. With changing requirements and shifting infrastructures, a one-time rationalization is no longer sufficient.

Planview Enterprise's Application Portfolio Management capabilities, you can find hidden value in your business by dramatically reducing application maintenance spending in a matter of months. Planview Enterprise delivers enhanced visibility into your application portfolio, allowing you to answer the following questions:

  • What is the total cost of ownership of my applications?
  • Where can I reduce costs and redundancies?
  • Can our technology adequately support business growth?
  • How can I institute effective application portfolio management processes?

Achieve Visibility into Applications and Drive Out Costs

Planview Enterprise uses an ongoing, three-stage process to optimize your application portfolio. Inventory your current applications, assess business value, and take action by launching lifecycles that automatically phase out redundant or low-value applications. This reveals total cost of ownership and helps you make better decisions around funding your application portfolio.

Drive Efficiency and Enable Enterprise Architecture Compliance

In addition to cutting spending, an optimized application portfolio improves performance by reducing the number of applications supported, increasing efficiency, and reducing your IT workload. You can also manage optimization to comply with your organization's enterprise architecture standards.

Application Portfolio Management

Planview Enterprise dashboard view

Utilize a Lifecycle Approach Driven by Best Practices

Planview Enterprise is integrated with proven best practices that build process maturity. With our adaptive IT best practices, you receive a lifecycle-driven approach that automatically manages all stages of portfolio optimization according to proven industry standards.

ROI in a Matter of Months

Successful portfolio optimization can cut application spending by 30% in as few as 12 months. Streamline your operation using Planview Enterprise's Application Portfolio Management.

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