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Stay on the leading edge with Planview technology solutions

Today's technology companies are constantly bombarded with competition from new market advances and new competitors. You are also internally challenged to manage rapid growth and stay nimble as you respond to changing demand.

Companies like Silicon Labs, NCR, Nintendo, and T-Mobile look to Planview to power innovation, improve visibility, control spending, manage risk, and effectively react to change in the marketplace.

Make Better Investment Decisions

Identify and support the initiatives that will deliver the greatest value to the organization. Balance resources, manage budgets, and align investment decisions with company strategy. Once investments are selected, improve performance by dynamically managing money and resources as efficiently as possible.

Speed Time to Market with an Optimized Roadmap

Transform corporate and brand strategy into prioritized and executable product investments. With Planview Enterprise for Product Development, you can easily align products with organizational goals by ordering product investments by brand, type, selling price, revenue, and more. Provide a holistic view into products, lines, and brands to enable better decision making and the creation of an optimal roadmap, and try out alternate scenarios to see how resources and costs align with the organization's capacity and budget.

Know What Customers Want – and Deliver It

In a market increasingly defined by consolidation, delivering offerings that customers value is more important than ever. The Planview portfolio management platform gives you the power to ask them what they want, vet the ideas within the framework of the competitive environment, and cycle them through the development process and to market faster and on-budget.

Differentiate Your Brand from the Competition

Create offerings that resonate with your customers and strategically differentiate yourself from the competition. With Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management, you can evaluate and score your offerings against drivers of brand choice and against the background of the competitive landscape, to make sure you are well-positioned in your field and with consumers.

Automate the Gate Process

Whether using Stage-Gate, Phase Gate, or an internally developed gate processes, chasing down gate status from various, often geographically distributed, team members often represents a disproportionately large percentage of program managers' time. Planview Process Builder lets you automate your gating process, which significantly reduces the time and costs associated with getting products from gate to gate and through the pipeline, decreases risk by ensuring only qualified projects pass gate reviews, improves visibility into status of processes and associated regulator documents, and cuts compliance and audit costs.

Efficiently Manage Resources

Cost-effectively speed time to market by increasing the capital-to-labor ratio when you manage internal and external resources more efficiently. Effectively assign work, develop a skills pipeline, develop staff areas of interest, and keep staff productive. Determine when it is more cost effective to leverage external resources, and manage and report on those services. With Planview solutions, you can get the right person on the right job at the right time -- at the right cost.

Reduce IT Spending and Drive Innovation

Combat escalating costs and get visibility into IT spend by capturing and managing the total cost of delivering IT services. Planview Enterprise helps you understand and report on where your resources are going so you can intelligently shift resources to revenue-generating, innovative initiatives.

Planview Enterprise provides the tools you need:

  • Improve the accuracy of investment planning and LOB budgets with our Corporate Financial Planning solution
  • Fuel innovation by capturing ideas from customers and across the enterprise with Planview Enterprise Ideation Management
  • Choose the best new product and enhancement investments with Planview Enterprise -- Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Balance objectives with capacity to make sure you commit to the right and executable projects with Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Track product roadmaps and dynamically adjust them for reality with Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management
  • Know your SWOTs and how your offerings compare to the competition and customer expectations with the Brand Impact Analysis capability in Product Portfolio Management
  • Standardize processes, automate product gating, and support auditing requirements in the development process with Planview Process Builder
  • Quickly act on trends and give management visibility into initiatives with the consistent, meaningful reporting of Planview Enterprise Insight Analytics and Business Objects XI
  • Reduce IT spend by effectively capturing, managing, and standardizing the cost of delivering services with Planview Enterprise Service Portfolio Management

With Planview solutions, you'll be better positioned to:

  • Deliver products that impact the competition
  • Drive a higher ROI in a challenging market
  • Improve the efficiency of your product pipeline
  • Strengthen your brand to reach new customers

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