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Medical Products

Life Sciences companies stay ahead of the game with Planview

Market consolidation, increasingly rigorous regulations, customer expectations, and competitive pressures: these are but a few of the challenges facing medical device manufacturers. Turn problems into opportunities with Planview, to drive innovation in development, streamline technology and bring it in line with new advances, and automate and make auditable the processes that bring products to market.

"Recommendations for 2010:
  • Increase rigor around regulation compliance to avoid mistakes and fraud liability
  • Find innovative ways to contribute to patient outcomes, especially as new players continue to change the structure of the health industry
  • Redesign workflows to align with increased electronic-enabled health delivery and new interdependencies"
- Top 10 Health Industry Issues in 2010, PricewaterhouseCoopers' Health Research Institute, December 2009

Organizations like Abbot Medical Optics, Hollister, Carestream Health, and St. Jude Medical look to Planview to enhance both IT and product development processes -- speed time to market, cut development costs, meet regulatory compliance, and increase operational efficiencies.

Support Regulatory Compliance and Manage Risk

With upcoming changes to 501(k) clearance requirements in the United States, medical device manufacturers have to be prepared to bring more clinical data to bear in support of new products. Together with FDA GMP regulations, this means it's more important than ever to leverage tools like Planview Process Builder to automate and track the product gating processes, for complete process auditability.

Make Better Investment Decisions

Identify and support the initiatives that will deliver the greatest value to the organization. Balance resources, manage budgets, and align investment decisions with company strategy. Once investments are selected, improve performance by dynamically managing money and resources as efficiently as possible.

Drive Innovative Product Development

Identify and support the initiatives that will deliver the greatest value. Speed time to market with HFE products that will trump the competition and support company goals. With Planview Enterprise, you can select the best product ideas and guide those ideas through an automated gating process for complete auditability, all the while balancing demand with resources. The result is greater ROI, an increased success rate, and most importantly, a competitive edge.

Increase Visibility and Manage Risk

Planview Enterprise helps you understand and report on where your resources are going so you can intelligently shift resources to revenue-generating, innovative initiatives that grow the company footprint and open up new markets.

Cut IT Costs – Not Services

Capture and manage the total cost of delivering IT services. The Planview PPM platform helps IT manage all spending -- the 60-70% allocated to Run the Business IT, and the 30-40% spent on Change the Business investments. This helps you spend smarter, to offset rising industry costs and improve cost structures.

Planview provides the tools you need:

  • Improve the accuracy of investment planning and LOB budgets with our Corporate Financial Planning solution
  • Balance objectives with capacity to make sure you commit to the right and executable projects with Planview Enterprise -- Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Fuel innovation by capturing ideas from customers and across the enterprise with Planview Enterprise Ideation Management.
  • Manage risk, limit legal liability, and automate corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) with Planview Process Builder
  • Track and manage product roadmaps with Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management
  • Get visibility into initiatives with the consistent, meaningful reporting of Planview Enterprise Insight Analytics and Business Objects XI
  • Know your SWOTs and how your offerings compare to the competition and customer expectations with the Brand Impact Analysis capability in Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management
  • Reduce IT spend with the abilities of Planview Enterprise Service Portfolio Management to eliminate redundant expenses resulting from mergers and acquisitions

With Planview solutions, you'll be better positioned to:

  • Meet and adapt to new government regulations
  • Create innovative offerings that customers need
  • Grow your market share in the face of consolidation
  • Expand into new geographies and markets

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