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The world's largest healthcare organizations stay fit with Planview

Competitive pressures, increased regulations, and a constantly evolving marketplace are just a few of the challenges facing healthcare organizations. Healthcare insurers and providers can respond to these challenges with Planview, to improve overall performance and drive profitability by aligning investment and capacity with strategy, streamlining processes, and managing spending.

Planview supports the world's top three health care insurers, helping companies like Aetna, Health Net, and UnitedHealth Group reduce IT spend and select the right products to create for customers.

Healthcare providers look to Planview to improve IT performance and enhance their offerings, including Baylor Health Care System, Baptist Health South Florida, and the University of Michigan Health System.

Cut IT Costs – Not Services

Combat escalating healthcare costs by capturing and managing the total cost of delivering IT services. The Planview PPM platform helps IT manage all spending -- the 60-70% allocated to Run the Business IT, and the 30-40% spent on Change the Business investments. This visibility helps you spend smarter, to offset rising industry costs and improve cost structures.

"Planview Enterprise enabled our portfolio process and helped us with prioritization, scenario analysis, and, ultimately, our decision making."
- Carestream Health

Make Better Investment Decisions

Identify and support the initiatives -- both for IT and for the development of new offerings -- that will deliver the greatest value to the organization. Rebalance your portfolio and get resources and budgets in place to support initiatives like electronic medical records (EMR), medical billing software, and more.

Once investments are selected, improve performance by dynamically managing money and resources as efficiently as possible. The result is better products, greater ROI, improved customer service, and most importantly, a competitive edge.

"Using Planview Enterprise, we have better management, prioritization, and review of project requests. This improved business efficiency assures accurate and timely service delivery to our customers."
- Baptist Health South Florida

Support Regulatory Compliance

With privacy regulations top of mind across the globe, database breaches are leading news items, so who touched what and when must be carefully documented. This means it's more important than ever to leverage tools like Planview Process Builder to automate and track internal processes, for complete auditability and compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.

"We now have portfolio management and resource capacity management with automated reports and metrics. This information not only gives us visibility into the status and cost of projects but is a tool that keeps everyone accountable and helps us better allocate resources."
- University of Michigan
Health System

Effectively Manage Projects and Resources

Efficiently prioritize work and make better decisions around request management, planning, and resource capacity. With Planview Enterprise, you get visibility into and control of project portfolios, as well as the capacity to perform strategic planning and investment analysis, all within an integrated framework.

Planview provides the tools you need:

  • Improve the accuracy of investment planning and LOB budgets with our Corporate Financial Planning solution
  • Balance objectives with capacity to make sure you commit to the right and executable projects with Planview Enterprise -- Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Get more accurate budgeting and forecasting with the dynamic financial management capabilities of Planview Enterprise
  • Allocate resources to the work they'll be most effective at, and dynamically reassign them when demand changes, with Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Give management visibility into initiatives with the consistent, meaningful reporting of Planview Enterprise Insight Analytics and Business Objects XI
  • Track and manage the roadmaps for new plan offerings with Product Portfolio Management
  • Reduce IT spend with the abilities of Planview Enterprise Service Portfolio Management to eliminate redundant expenses resulting from mergers and acquisitions

With Planview solutions, you will be better positioned to meet and adapt to government regulations while leveraging technology to be more agile.

Healthcare providers will be able to focus on innovative offerings that affect patient outcomes, while insurers can drive to market with new and differentiated offerings that grow market share in an increasingly competitive industry.

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