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Financial Services

Leading financial services organizations profit from Planview

Mounting regulatory pressures and market consolidation challenge financial service organizations' abilities to meet ever-increasing customer demands. Get the competitive edge by improving visibility, driving customer service, and supporting compliance with regulatory requirements for Sarbanes-Oxley and the coming convergence of GAAP and IFRS in the United States, Basel II in Europe, and more.

For more than 20 years, the world's premier financial service organizations have turned to Planview to increase financial transparency and drive regulatory compliance.

Institutions like CIBC Mellon, Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, The Royal Bank of Scotland, and Wells Fargo look to Planview to improve customer service and gain an edge in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Planview helps some of the world's largest insurance providers, like HDI-Gerling Insurance, The Allianz Group, Zurich Financial Services, Farmers Insurance Group, and Great-West Life & Annuity, manage risk, cut costs, and deliver the right offerings to customers.

Financial Services Organizations
Companies like Cuscal, TSYS, and Synovus use Planview offerings to increase transparency and drive regulatory compliance.

"Our internal clients are more efficient because they are getting reliable data from all areas of our growing company without having to move around various tools to compile it. Resource and project managers are more effective because they have visibility into workloads, capacities, available resources and funding. And we are just getting started."

Grow Revenue and Improve Customer Service

Efficiently manage the technology needed to introduce new revenue-generating customer services. With Planview Enterprise, you get the visibility you need into IT services and applications to effectively support go-to-market strategies, for a greater return on IT investments, improved customer service, and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Know What Customers Want – and Deliver It

In a market increasingly defined by consolidation, delivering offerings that customers value is more important than ever before. The Planview PPM platform gives you the power to ask them what they want, vet the ideas within the framework of the competitive environment, and cycle them through the development process and to market faster and on-budget.

"We have seen a cost reduction for managing and maintaining redundant IT management systems of 90% using Planview Enterprise… and it helps us increase our internal productivity in that each of our project managers can now handle more projects without external help. In fact, because of the improved resource allocation, we have seen 20% reduction in personnel cost."
- Cuscal

Reduce IT Spending and Drive Innovation

Combat escalating costs and get visibility into IT spend by capturing and managing the total cost of delivering IT services. Planview Enterprise helps you understand and report on where your resources are going so you can intelligently balance resources between run-the-bank maintenance operations and change-the-bank, revenue-generating initiatives.

"The tougher the economy, the more important it is to know what your resources are working on and when. Planview Enterprise gives us visibility into projects and resources so we can be proactive instead of reactive."
- Synovus

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Planview solutions automate the tracking of investment decisions and time records to support regulations such as Basel II, Sarbanes-Oxley, and more. Spend less time managing and adjusting to ever-changing regulations, and free up bandwidth to focus on strategic initiatives.

Planview Enterprise provides the tools you need:

  • Improve the accuracy of investment planning and LOB budgets with our Corporate Financial Planning solution
  • Reduce IT spend by rationalizing the service portfolio and by managing, and standardizing the cost of delivering services with Planview Enterprise Service Portfolio Management
  • Comply with regulations by tracking investments and work with Planview Enterprise -- Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Know what offerings your customers want by capturing and vetting ideas with Planview Enterprise Ideation Management
  • Balance objectives with capacity to make sure you commit to the right and executable projects with Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Standardize and automate processes to streamline work, simplify governance, and simplify regulatory compliance with Planview Process Builder
  • Manage work and resources -- and use what-if analysis to make smart in-flight changes -- with Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Quickly act on trends and get visibility into initiatives with the consistent, meaningful reporting of Planview Enterprise Insight Analytics and Business Objects XI
  • Track product roadmaps and dynamically adjust them for reality with Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management
  • Know your SWOTs and how your offerings compare to the competition and customer expectations with the Brand Impact Analysis capability in Product Portfolio Management

With Planview solutions, you'll be better positioned to:

  • Build competitive advantage by bringing the right products to market at the right time and cost
  • Cut IT spend intelligently to improve the cost of delivering services
  • Balance the time spent on regulatory compliance and governance to increase focus on strategic initiatives

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Case Studies

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PDF: TSYS (479 KB)

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