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Consumer Goods

Consumer-focused companies get ahead of the game with Planview

Shorter product lifecycles, global competition and supply chains, more knowledgeable customers and an end to SKU proliferation… the old rules just don't apply anymore to consumer goods companies that want to win in an increasingly complex market.

Companies like Mead Johnson, Gucci, Hallmark, and Del Monte use technology from Planview to bring better products to market more quickly while optimizing IT spend to fatten profit margins, increase agility, keep long-term customers and win new ones.

"Since implementing our Planview solution, we've finally been able to build a performance management strategy that links our disparate IT processes -- establishing greater communication and sharing across the entire enterprise. This has dramatically improved our productivity while eliminating wasteful spending and proving that the dollars spent are necessary and help contribute to the company's goals. Our Planview solution has definitely paid for itself!"
- Hallmark Cards

Make Better Investment Decisions

Identify and support the initiatives that will deliver the greatest value to the organization. Balance resources, manage budgets, and align investment decisions with company strategy. Once investments are selected, improve performance by dynamically managing money and resources as efficiently as possible.

Drive Innovative Product Development

Speed time to market with products that will outwit the competition and support company goals. With Planview Enterprise, you can select the best product ideas and guide those ideas through an automated gating process for complete auditability, all the while balancing demand with resources. The result is greater ROI, an increased success rate, and most importantly, a competitive edge.

Differentiate Your Brand from the Competition

Create offerings that resonate with your customers and strategically differentiate yourself from the competition. With Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management, you can evaluate and score your offerings against drivers of brand choice and against the background of the competitive landscape, to make sure you are well-positioned in your field and with consumers.

Efficiently Manage Resources

Increase the capital-to-labor ratio in operations by managing internal and external resources more efficiently. Effectively assign work, develop a skills pipeline, develop staff areas of interest, and keep staff productive. Determine when it is more cost effective to leverage external resources, and manage and report on those services. With Planview solutions, you can get the right person on the right job at the right time -- at the right cost.

Increase Supply Chain Agility

Dynamically manage the technology necessary to make the digital supply chain a reality. Understand the relationships between projects, assets, applications, and services, and support supply chain initiatives while remaining agile and open to change. By strengthening supply chain technology, manufacturers can reduce inventory, cut costs, and increase profitability.

Cut IT Costs – Not Services

Combat escalating industry costs by capturing and managing the total cost of delivering IT services. The Planview PPM platform helps IT manage all spending -- the 60-70% allocated to Run the Business IT, and the 30-40% spent on Change the Business investments. This helps you spend smarter, to offset rising costs and improve cost structures.

Planview Enterprise provides the tools you need:

  • Improve the accuracy of investment planning and LOB budgets with our Corporate Financial Planning solution
  • Fuel innovation by capturing ideas from customers and across the enterprise with Planview Enterprise Ideation Management
  • Choose the best new product and enhancement investments with Planview Enterprise -- Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Balance objectives with capacity to make sure you commit to the right and executable projects with Planview Enterprise -- Enterprise Portfolio Management
  • Track product roadmaps and dynamically adjust them for reality with Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management
  • Know your SWOTs and how your offerings compare to the competition and customer expectations with the Brand Impact Analysis capability in Product Portfolio Management
  • Standardize processes, automate product gating, and support auditing requirements in the development process with Planview Process Builder
  • Quickly act on trends and give management visibility into initiatives with the consistent, meaningful reporting of Planview Enterprise Insight Analytics and Business Objects XI
  • Reduce IT spend by effectively capturing, managing, and standardizing the cost of delivering services with Planview Enterprise Service Portfolio Management

With Planview solutions, you'll be better positioned to:

  • Deliver products that trump the competition
  • Select the right SKUs to keep and cull to differentiate yourself with retailers
  • Make the right decisions about direct-to-consumer vs. private-label brands to grow your relevance to the consumer
  • Strengthen your brand to keep current customers and to reach new ones against competitors

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Case Study

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