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Corporate Financial Planning

Advance your investment planning process

You must choose the right investments for your company, understand their financial implications, and validate their return.

You can't afford an investment planning process that's ad-hoc, cumbersome, or inaccurate, nor have a broken feedback loop between the LOB and Finance.

Unfortunately, current corporate financial planning tools face exactly these challenges, leading to a corporate financial planning process that:

  • Lacks consistency and scalability
  • Relies on manual processes that lead to inaccuracies
  • Exhibits poor or invalid data integration and lacks version control
  • Offers limited analytical capabilities
  • Makes replanning difficult
  • Can't provide downstream accountability or visibility

The Solution: A Consistent, Rigorous Planning Process

Track investment performance with real-time analytics

Track investment performance with real-time analytics

Planview Enterprise helps Finance apply the same rigor to investment planning that is typically applied to budgeting, to bring new a level of maturity and consistency to the investment analysis process, enabling you to:

  • Improve the accuracy of the financial planning processes
  • Achieve downstream visibility into investment performance
  • Shorten planning cycles to cut time and cost
  • Translate business drivers into budgets and capital plans
  • Use analytics to keep investment plans and budgets on track

Integrate Investment Planning with Budgeting

Planview Enterprise integrates investment planning and the budget by relating investments with the accounts that drive budgets, helping Finance provide better guidance to the LOB on aligning budgets with corporate strategy, appetite for risk, and other factors.

Plans built in Planview Enterprise are transferred seamlessly from the LOB into Finance's systems – giving you the numbers you need along with the business context to make sense of those numbers, all without forcing the LOB to use an Accounting-oriented system.

Get Downstream Visibility

Once plans are realized, use Planview Enterprise in conjunction with Accounting systems for downstream visibility into investment performance and plans vs. actuals. Real-time analytics help you:

  • Shorten replanning cycles
  • Shift investments in flight
  • Create transparency to measure ROI

Run What-If Scenarios

Both Finance and the LOB can take advantage of Planview Enterprise's ability to use what-if scenarios:

  • Finance can pinpoint investments that best align with corporate goals, available capital, and other drivers
  • The LOB can decide which scenario best maximizes market opportunity, resources, and budgets

Shorten Planning Cycles

Planview Enterprise integrates with ERP, GL, and other systems, so that data from across the company can inform the financial planning process. This shortens planning cycles, enabling you to:

  • Make seamless replanning a reality by updating budgets with current information
  • Mitigate risk by sharing information across the enterprise
  • Accurately update forecasts in flight so managers understand the impact of changes

Increase Accuracy and Accountability

By eliminating the errors that can plague spreadsheet-based planning, you accelerate planning even as you reduce risk and analyze investments more closely.

  • The LOB saves time by automating data-intensive tasks, and improves investment prioritization by assessing them against corporate goals
  • Finance gains accuracy by integrating investment planning and budgeting, and new efficiencies by eliminating the need to turn spreadsheets into budgets
  • Both enjoy greater accountability with the ability to pinpoint finances associated with a strategic initiative, even line items located across multiple accounts and regions

Advance Your Corporate Financial Planning

Planview's comprehensive enterprise platform for advancing corporate financial planning process enables you to implement a mature, consistent and rigorous approach to investment planning.

By extending the benefits of portfolio management, Planview Enterprise helps you:

  • Improve the accuracy of capital, initiative, and long-range planning
  • Shorten planning and replanning cycles
  • Get visibility into investment performance
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