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PRISMS Best Practices

Giving you guidance with prepopulated templates for operational excellence

PRISMS Best Practices fill the gap between philosophical approaches and the keystroke-level functional guidance found in user manuals. Included are thousands of predefined and prepopulated process and procedural steps for performing any variety of functions, from the strategic to the project-level.

Users experience a cohesive and consistent approach through the assorted Best Practices delivery vehicles, with both role- and responsibility-specific information, plus guidance across a vast variety of topics, which align to a unified set of concepts complementing Planview Enterprise functionality.

Planview PRISMS Best Practices – Knowledge Base

PRISMS Best Practices Knowledge Base combines best practices with proven methods and techniques that enable change within the organization while driving adoption and usage of the Planview Enterprise software. Get access to whitepapers, publications, and a community of practitioners. Network with your peers and post questions, communicate ideas, concepts, and more. Users experience a cohesive and consistent approach that aligns to a unified set of concepts that complements Planview Enterprise functionality.

Included in PRISMS Best Practices Knowledge Base:

  • Industry best practices
  • Planview Enterprise application best practices
  • White papers and publications
  • Access to a community of practitioners

Planview PRISMS Best Practices – PRISMS Process Tools

PRISMS Best Practices Process Tools include interactive process maps and templates in critical process areas, or groupings of business functions, providing templates for such areas as work breakdown structures, example documents, forms, dashboards, and process updates for the right role for each stage of the innovation lifecycle. The interactive process maps provide a framework that allows users to drill down and customize processes with a click of a button. These process-specific maps provide increasing levels of detail to help assess your business process maturity and to maximize the extensive functionality in Planview Enterprise. As an added benefit, we offer interactive process maps in Microsoft® Visio. Use them as a framework for process reconfiguration and adjustments and deliver process maturity improvements.

PRISMS Best Practices Process Tools provides high-level component maps – such as the adjacent strategic planning map – that define the structure and scope of business functions within each process area. Each component map contains four to eight major functional phases (components) such as define, plan, manage, and execution. Each component lists the major sub-functions that relate to specific process activities, such as define scope.

These process-specific maps can amplify your own internal process improvement capabilities by offering a significant body of work for process architects to leverage.

This body of proven guidance for business process integration can be used to design and document your own procedures and policies and maximize the extensive functionality in Planview Enterprise.

Included in PRISMS Best Practices Process Tools:

  • Industry best practices
  • Microsoft Visio process maps
  • Process and functional templates

Planview PRISMS Best Practices – Live Process Expertise

Get the support you need to enable success and ROI. PRISMS Best Practices Live Process Expertise offers a combination of live and interactive methodology classes taught by experienced, industry experts. Receive four hours of process consultation services to achieve effective process performance.

Included in PRISMS Best Practices Live Process Expertise:

  • Interactive PRISMS live classes
  • Four hours SME process consultation services

The Benefit to You

The unique structure of PRISMS Best Practices delivers not only the concepts, architecture, and design needed to foster process improvement, but also the automation and integration necessary to put those processes into action.

Efficiently build process maturity with confidence by leveraging the included process lifecycles and automated workflows, configuration examples, templates, dashboards, and other business intelligence components. PRISMS offers a proven roadmap to process excellence unlike any other. The results are a rapid return on your investment, a high level of adoption, and the flexibility and guidance to easily implement additional processes.

Like all PRISMS offerings, PRISMS Best Practices are easily accessible via the intuitive, user-friendly portal.