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PRISMS User Enablement

Support the success of your Planview solution – and your people

The Planview PRISMS enablement line was created to help your organization achieve a rapid return on your Planview investment.

It is delivered and easily accessible via, a fast, intuitive,
Web-based platform that makes it simple for you to connect with all that PRISMS has to offer: enablement strategy, best practices, education, and a social learning platform. It's everything you need to improve your organization's processes, increase the value of your Planview Enterprise investment, and mature your own professional career path. Your Access Point

This interactive portal, free for all Planview users, connects you with best practices and training opportunities, all contextually liked with relevant articles and discussions -- so if you have a question, you can always find what and who has the answer. Plus professional networking and groups help you get to know your colleagues around the corner and around the globe. This user-friendly site uses latest technology to offer you professional networking capabilities with:

  • Discussion boards
  • Meaningful user groups
  • Integrated content
  • Professional networking
  • Powerful search features
  • And much more

And with mobile-enabled features, you can participate in discussions, access best practices, and more -- all from your smartphone.

Planview PRISMS Education

PRISMS User Enablement can take your personnel performance to the next level with a variety of educational options:

  • Classroom training: At your offices or ours, you get the benefits of PRISMS classroom training led by Planview pros. Select any class from the extensive and growing course catalog, or work with your Planview representative to develop material specific to your organization's needs.
  • Virtual classroom: When travel costs aren't in the budget, or you've got very large or geographically dispersed groups, PRISMS virtual courses are your ticket. Like a classroom on the Web, these deliver high-quality, high-touch, hands-on product training through an internet-based platform. Similar to PRISMS classroom training, the focus here is on product demonstrations and know-how, with plenty of deep dives and tips and tricks. Aligning with leading analysts' recently published best practices, these classes are delivered in two-hour sessions; this is ideal for adult learners to absorb and practice new knowledge.
  • E-Learning: Take advantage of online resources for fast, cost-effective, and flexible instruction, both instructor-led and on-demand. Optional customized classes enhance the effectiveness of training and bring new employees up to speed quickly. Customizing modules with your processes and sample data improves understanding and retention of the new information.

PRISMS Education is accessed through, which ensures a tight integration between classes and all the other elements of Planview PRISMS. The portal will also enable you to define learning enablement paths, search the class catalog to find classes quickly, track attendance, take assessments and print certificates, and take advantage of robust reporting.

Planivew PRISMS Best Practices

Embodying 20 years of Planview portfolio management leadership, PRISMS Domain Expertise encompasses Best Practices and Process Maps, all available via

The interactive platform allows you to rate best practices and contribute to discussions about them with your colleagues, and lets you drill into process maps to view associated content, like training opportunities and articles. This integration of elements delivers a cohesive approach that enables accelerated process maturity and investment ROI.

Planview PRISMS – Best Practices Knowledge Base

Planview PRISMS Best Practices Knowledge Base provides guidance on how to achieve operational excellence across a framework of business processes, and includes thousands of predefined and prepopulated process and procedural steps for performing many different business functions and roles -- from business strategies to projects and delivery. You choose which parts of the PRISMS Best Practices Knowledge Base you want to deploy to best fit the needs of your organization. The results are a rapid return on your investment, a high level of cultural adoption, and the flexibility to easily implement additional processes.

Planivew PRISMS – Process Tools

Planview PRISMS Process Tools concentrate on critical process areas, or groupings of business functions, providing process maps and templates for such areas as work breakdown structures, example documents, forms, dashboards, and process updates for the right role for each stage of the innovation lifecycle. These process-specific maps and templates provide increasing levels of detail to help assess your business process maturity and to maximize the extensive functionality in Planview Enterprise. They enable you to deliver process maturity improvements and realize benefits quickly.

Planview PRISMS – Live Process Expertise

Planview Best Practices Live Process Expertise offers a combination of live and interactive methodology classes taught by experienced, industry experts. Receive four hours of process consultation services to achieve effective process performance.

Included in PRISMS Best Practices Process Expertise:

  • Interactive PRISMS Live Classes
  • Four hours subject matter expert process consultation services

Your Benefits with Planview PRISMS

  • An integrated, inclusive approach covering knowledge, networking, processes, and skills, based on more than 20 years of domain expertise
  • Alignment with your implementation strategy to ensure that you have the training that is needed, when it is needed
  • Flexible education programs that support all learning styles and stages, with a variety of access points for training
  • Improved adoption with best practices and processes that map to your needs
  • Cost-effective training created by and for PPM pros