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Customer Care

A choice of service levels to fit your business needs

Alongside our excellent products Planview provides Customer Care support programs to help you fully leverage the value of your Planview investment.

Our highly skilled and tenured representatives are ready to respond and resolve your questions quickly, so you can return to productive work. With more than 20 years of experience in portfolio management, we provide an unmatched commitment to customer success with industry-leading customer satisfaction.

Choose the Support Level That is Right for You

We provide two levels of Customer Care: Standard Support and the Platinum Service Program. Select the program that best fits your budget, business requirements, and strategic goals. The flexibility we provide means that you can easily adjust your support levels as your business grows and evolves.

Planview Standard Support

Access Planview's outstanding Standard Support representatives during extended business hours via email, Web, phone, or fax. Plus, you get all the latest version releases and updates.

Planview Standard Support helps you:

  • Improve return on investment based on services geared for optimized resource utilization, improved portfolio management, and enhanced decision making.
  • Streamline performance and uptime with the latest technology updates, enhancements, and technical support.
  • Maximize long-term benefits with ongoing support programs that can be scaled to your changing needs.
  • Strengthen your competitive advantage with coordinated services from the Planview Customer Care and Consulting Groups, sharpening your competitive edge in today's dynamic markets.

Planview Platinum Service Program

Planview Platinum Service Program offers the highest level of Customer Service available from Planview. You gain all the benefits of Standard Support as well as additional services including Premium Customer Service, an assigned Customer Relationship Manager, valuable Remote Services, Inside Access to Planview Products, and an array of exclusive member benefits.

  • Premium Customer Care Support: Platinum members are assigned a Customer Care manager who focuses on providing insight into priority tickets, and issue resolution.
  • Customer Relationship Management: Planview will assign your organization a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) who will serve as the primary point of contact to navigate Planview, provide strategic account planning, and help prioritize needs.
  • Remote Services: Platinum members receive a variety of value-added services including remote consulting/advisory services, on-premise migration installation services or an extended SaaS migration testing period, facilitated education/ training planning session, and much more.
  • Inside Access to Planview Products: As a Platinum member, you receive exclusive product roadmap briefings conducted by Planview Product Management throughout the year and priority product Inner Circle participation.
  • Platinum Exclusives: Platinum members can take advantage of some amazing offers and discounts.

Planview Customer Care programs are designed to ensure continuous improvement in your portfolio management and decision-making processes. You will always have much more than "tech support," you will have a business partner dedicated to your success.

For an in-depth look at the Platinum Service Program, download the datasheet today.

Get Started

To learn more Customer Care or to speak with a Planview expert, please contact Planview Customer Care or email