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Planview Enterprise is a leading enterprise-wide portfolio management solution and a fundamental platform for operating business in the four key areas of the organization: Product Development, Information Technology (IT), Services Resource Planning, and Corporate Finance. Sign-up to watch a product demonstration today.

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Organisations are constantly looking for ways to improve performance, reduce costs, and gain an edge on the competition. Simply put, the need for application portfolio management has never been greater. Without it, technology leaders are missing a significant opportunity to quickly and easily reduce costs and deliver value back to the organisation.

Planview Enterprise for Application Portfolio Management is a critical step in controlling the total cost of delivering business services, helping to track and report costs across the lifecycle of the application. Attend this demo to see how Planview can help you gather accurate, timely data, to be able to rationalize applications, simplify IT infrastructures, reduce IT spending, and retire outdated, redundant, or low-value applications.

Capacity and Resource Management is one of the biggest challenges for companies in both IT and Product Development, as well as for service-driven organisations with global resource pools. However, with the right process and Planview Enterprise companies can meet this challenge with great effectiveness. Planview provides the power to:

  • Understand how capacity and demand align by key factors such as role, resource type, department
  • Highlight where resources are lacking and where excess capacity exists to dynamically plan and allocate both FTEs and money to the most important work
  • Forecast resource capacity within a framework based on roles rather than individuals

Find out how Planview Enterprise can extend financial planning capabilities with corporate-level investment planning. On this demo you will see how you can:

  • Bring structure to capital, initiative-based, and long-range planning
  • Establish analytics for continuous visibility into investment performance
  • Integrate operational and financial planning
  • Streamline the budgeting process and reduce cycle times

Discover how Planview Enterprise can help you retool your operational planning methodology so all relevant and critical enterprise functions are accurately represented, closing the gap between strategy and execution. An interactive question and answer session will follow.

It's critical for companies to infuse the "voice of the customer" into products and services. Planview Enterprise Ideation Management, powered by Brightidea, provides companies with an easy-to-use yet robust method for creating and maintaining dynamic customer communities that generate and evaluate product ideas, providing product organisations and IT departments with a true view of customer needs. Planview Enterprise Ideation Management helps you infuse the voice of the customer into your ideation process so you can choose the best ideas and capitalize on them. Even more, you can bring the winning ideas into Planview Enterprise Product Portfolio Management to develop new products or product enhancements and drive maximize pipeline performance from ideation to commercialization. On this demo you'll see how Planview Enterprise can help you:

  • Infuse the voice of the customer into products
  • Optimize product and roadmap planning
  • Leverage resources effectively
  • Automate the gating process
  • Ensure on-time delivery with release management
  • Drive the product lifecycle with actionable analytics

In the new normal economy it's more imperative than ever for companies to drive operational efficiency by optimizing their investment portfolio of people and money across the enterprise. But, there's a huge gap between operational planning and execution. The Planview Operational Planning Solution fills this critical gap in enterprise planning by creating a dynamic and consistently relevant operating plan, one that is integrated with established strategic and financial processes.

By fostering a collaborative planning process that builds consensus, the Planview Operational Planning Solution ensures that operating units across the enterprise are executing in support of top-level business goals, such as driving revenue, accelerating time to market, improving productivity and operating efficiencies, and preserving and enhancing brand value.

This new approach solution gives life to a company's strategy, to create a business-driven rather than project-driven Operating Plan. It delivers the ability to:

  • Optimize the translation of strategy into execution
  • Quickly adapt to changes in the business environment
  • Align strategic planning, financial, and operating groups
  • Reduce cost and improve accuracy of planning
  • Baseline expected benefits to drive measureable business results
  • Improve communication throughout the enterprise

Find out more by attending the Planview Operational Planning Solution demonstration and see how you can bridge the gap between operational planning and execution!