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Planview Process Builder

Bring enterprise-wide processes to life to drive compliance and speed execution

Your organization's mission-critical procedures and change initiatives are dependent on the design and adoption of business processes. So it is critical that, across the enterprise, you can answer key questions about your processes.

The Planview Process Builder product line helps you do just that, enabling you to embed modeling and management of enterprise-wide processes into your portfolio management framework. This provides you with the increased adoption, control, tracking, and audit capabilities you need in key process areas, such as:

  • Requirements management
  • Product development
  • Quality management
  • Deliverables management
  • Assessment management
  • Financial compliance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • IT governance

Using the open platform of the Planview Process Builder, you can easily manage complex business processes in a single end-to-end view.

Planview Process Builder

This platform powers the key functions of:

  • Process Design: Processes can be simply defined, modeled, and modified with easy-to-use configuration tools, and may be branded within the organization's look and feel
  • Process Automation: Planview Process Builder creates a comprehensive view of business processes across applications, and operational efficiencies are realized through the capability to automate routine tasks
  • Process Measurement: Users can track the level of compliance to process and report information including how well processes are being followed, as well as capturing exceptions for analysis and audit purposes
  • Process Auditing: A common, user-friendly interface to model and manage processes supports adoption, and business processes change from static documents to active guides to improve the consistency of outcomes

Accelerate, Control, and Track Processes

Built on the foundation of this platform are the Planview Process Accelerators. Each of these pre-configured best practice templates is developed to support specific set of needs:

  • Requirements Manager Process Accelerator helps you capture, manage, link, route, trace, and audit product requirements through their lifecycles.
  • Gate Manager Process Accelerator manages, automates, and monitors gate-driven product development processes.
  • Assessment Manager Process Accelerator empowers teams to make project assessments and project audits visible throughout the enterprise.
  • Deliverables Manager Process Accelerator provides visibility and status of deliverables at across multiple stages and departments for a single project.
  • Financial Planning Process Accelerator streamlines the investment planning process across the entire organization.
  • SharePoint Manager Process Accelerator leverages Microsoft® SharePoint® content management capabilities to store template- and process-specific forms and documents.
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