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Planview OpenSuite for SAP

Integrate Planview Enterprise with SAP ERP

Planview OpenSuite enables Planview Enterprise to quickly leverage existing data from SAP to ease implementation and setup time, and ensure consistency and accuracy of data between systems. Now, you can easily share critical information across departments and drive operational efficiency.

Planview OpenSuite for SAPFor example, financial data in SAP can be automatically shared with IT, simplifying project managers' tasks of keeping projects on budget with easy access to labor and non-labor costs by project, be they capitalized or expensed. And SAP HR data can be automatically imported to Planview Enterprise, eliminating the need to re-input the same personnel information. No longer is sharing data between these disparate systems difficult, time consuming, or error-prone.

Key Benefits:

  • Extends the value of SAP systems by ensuring it is the system of record for all HR and financial data
  • Connects systems to automate processes like user provisioning, collection of time actual for project budgeting tracking, and the like
  • Relate work, projects, and deliverables back to corporate planning, financials and resource planning strategy

Key Features:

  • Non-intrusive data integration with SAP for ETL, EAI, and EII
  • Complete solution eliminates the complexities of SAP RFC, BAPI, and IDoc interfaces
  • Bi-directional connectivity to hundreds of business objects

With Planview OpenSuite for SAP, you also get:

  • Broad SAP interface support
  • SAP industry module support
  • Common XML data format
  • Multithreading, including both connection and object pooling
  • Fully secure design
  • Intuitive design-time access