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Planview OpenSuite for Oracle

Integrate Planview Enterprise with Oracle ERP

Oracle offers a comprehensive solution to ERP challenges, but the hundreds of legacy information resources still in production in most companies will make reaching these data formats difficult, costly and time-consuming.

Planview OpenSuite for OraclePlanview OpenSuite solves this problem with adapters that eliminate the complexity of low-level interface coding while reducing costs, time, and risk. It enables interoperability with Oracle, enabling Planview Enterprise to leverage existing Oracle data to ease implementation and setup time, and ensure consistency and accuracy of data between systems.

Typical Planview OpenSuite for Oracle integration points include:

  • Resources from Oracle HR data into Planview Enterprise
  • Timecard actuals from Planview Enterprise into Oracle financials
  • Financial costing from Oracle into Planview Enterprise financial planning

Planview OpenSuite for Oracle Features

  • Composite Data Services: effectively bridge the gap between disparate, raw data sources and the requirements of SOA principles
  • Open-Standards Connectivity with Wide Platform Compatibility: Planview adapters leverage the capabilities of the Oracle Application Server to provide an end-to-end J2EE compliant design that truly gains the advantages of open- and standards-based architectures
  • Comprehensive Connectivity: a comprehensive set of 200+ adapters allows a broad range of seamless connectivity to file systems, databases, message buses, EDI networks, Web-enabled applications, business applications, and industry-standard protocols on numerous platforms
  • Easy configurability and deployment: Planview OpenSuite makes it easy for youwith a no-coding development studio that simplifies the complex representation of data and rules, a pre-built transformation functions, and support for custom transformations based on unique data manipulation requirements

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerates Oracle integration projects
  • Maximizes your investment in legacy systems
  • Provides reusable composite data services
  • Reduces costs and project risks by eliminating custom-coded adapters

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop development studio
  • Bi-directional connectivity
  • Multithreading for high performance