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Planview OpenSuite for JIRA

Integrate Planview Enterprise with Atlassian JIRA

While portfolio management solutions give product managers visibility into projects within their portfolios, developers often use an issue tracking system such as JIRA to document their workflows.

Detailed and specific, this application wasn't created to offer product managers the high-level view they require, nor does it enable developers to receive valuable insight and direction based on business decisions from product managers.

Used separately, these two applications offer respective users the unique functionality they need, but until now, there wasn't an easy way to cross-pollinate between the two information silos.

The Best of Both Worlds

Planview OpenSuite for Atlassian JIRA enables out-of-the-box interoperability between Planview Enterprise and this industry-leading issue-tracking system, enabling Planview Enterprise to leverage existing data from JIRA to ensure consistency and accuracy of data between systems.

Planview Enterprise Integration with Atlassian JIRA
Planview Enterprise Integration with Atlassian JIRA

A product manager inputs project specifics, such as scope, timeline, and desired output, into Planview Enterprise, and the data is integrated with JIRA. Using JIRA, developers can then establish, assign, and implement the required tasks needed to deliver the requested product.

All of the project-level detail is maintained by the developer in JIRA and the product manager receives simple project status updates through Planview Enterprise, with the ability to view more specific information in JIRA if desired.

By importing status and story point values from JIRA, Planview OpenSuite further extends the Planview Enterprise support for Agile development projects. No longer is sharing data between these disparate systems difficult, time consuming, or error-prone. Instead, both product managers and developers can use the applications that work best for their respective roles while still communicating effectively to ensure maximum productivity and efficiently deliver products to clients.

Key Benefits of Planview Opensuite for JIRA

  • Accelerates JIRA integration projects
  • Maximize your investment in legacy applications
  • Leverage reusable composite data services
  • Reduce costs and project risks by eliminating custom-coded adapters
  • Enable project managers and developers to communicate in their own language
  • Improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration
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