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Planview OpenSuite - Integration with Portfolio Management

Out-of-the-box interoperability between Planview Enterprise and the systems you rely on every day

The benefits of integrating Planview portfolio management applications with the IT and business systems you use daily are clear: you get one system of record for increasing enterprise-wide visibility into the status of projects, programs, and products, collaborating and communicating about projects, and relating the value of services and work with corporate financials and strategic plans.

The Planview OpenSuite family of offerings provides out-of-the-box interoperability of Planview Enterprise and the IT and business systems you rely on every day.

Planview OpenSuite: Pre-built portfolio management integration to key application ecosystems

Planview OpenSuite integrates portfolio management with critical business and IT systems

Now, you can easily share data in disparate systems to make the most informed decisions, while enabling those systems to do what they do best -- manage application lifecycles and IT service delivery, control the product development lifecycle, and ease collaboration and productivity.

Planview OpenSuite provides interoperability via:

The Planview OpenSuite Interoperability Platform

Embedded in Planview Enterprise, the Planview OpenSuite Interoperability Platform delivers out-of-the-box connectivity to 200+ enterprise applications and technologies, and enables custom integrations into homegrown systems. The rich integration capabilities included with the Planview OpenSuite Interoperability Platform provide the key boost to bringing integrations online quickly.

The interoperability platform includes connectors for:

  • Applications -- Siebel CRM; Salesforce; Microsoft Great Plains and Dynamics; Peachtree; Sage; SAP; Oracle applications
  • Databases -- Oracle; IBM DB2; Informix; MySQL; Microsoft SQLServer and Access; Sybase ASE; Teradata
  • Files -- ASCII and Mac ASCII; Microsoft Excel and Word; WordPerfect; Visual dBase; FoxPro; IBM Lotus; dBase
  • Technology -- Email; Email Attachments; FTP; HTTP/S; HTML; Oracle AQ and BPEL; SGML; SOAP; XML; REST
  • Legacy -- COBOL; Binary; C-tree; QSAM; Tape Drive Sequential
  • Healthcare and Insurance -- HL7; UB92-NSF; HCFA 1500-NSF, ACORD
  • And many more

Portfolio-driven solutions

Planview OpenSuite offers off-the-shelf integrations between Planview Enterprise and leading enterprise systems, to help you get the maximum value from all your technology investments.

Application Lifecycle Management

Planview OpenSuite for IBM Rational

IBM Ready for Rational SoftwarePlanview provides the only off-the-shelf portfolio management integration into IBM Rational Team Concert, and IBM Rational Focal Point solutions.

  • Planview OpenSuite for IBM Rational Team Concert connects the output of operational planning processes to project execution by an agile software team to align development work with program priorities and enables seamless communication between the two programs
  • Planview OpenSuite for IBM Rational Focal Point integrates top priority proposals from IBM Focal Point into Planview Enterprise allowing portfolio and project managers to do supplementary optimization, including financial and resource planning

Planview OpenSuite for JIRA

Atlassian JIRAIntegrate Planview Enterprise with Atlassian JIRA to empower product managers and developers to work more efficiently, using the applications that work best for their respective roles while communicating effectively to ensure maximum productivity and effective delivery of products and services.

Planview OpenSuite for Rally Software

Rally SoftwarePlanview OpenSuite for Rally Software connects Planview PPM and Rally Agile ALM solutions to deliver a consolidated portfolio view in Planview Enterprise. Through the status and financial information exchanged, the total cost of all software development projects is made available in Planview Enterprise.

Business Service Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Planview OpenSuite for Siemens Teamcenter PLM

Siemens Teamcenter PLMPlanview OpenSuite for Siemens Teamcenter PLM provides portfolio analysis in Planview Enterprise on schedules that reside in Teamcenter. Resources are synchronized between Teamcenter and Planview Enterprise, facilitating capacity management, forecasting, better decision-making, and optimization of the product portfolio.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Planview OpenSuite for SAP and Planview OpenSuite for Oracle

Import SAP and Oracle HR data into Planview Enterprise, eliminating the need to re-enter that personnel information. Share cost calculations from SAP and Oracle with Planview Enterprise, making it easy for project managers to keep projects on budget.

Standard Data Integrations

A collection of Web services and APIs enable you to create custom integrations, perform data loads and specialized, often one-time only actions to move data in and out of Planview Enterprise and other systems.