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Planview OpenSuite for IBM Rational Team Concert

Integrate Planview Enterprise with IBM's lifecycle management solution

Portfolio management systems, like Planview Enterprise, let project, product, and resource managers map their plans and roadmaps to corporate goals, and drive strategy through execution across all projects. Those executing these plans often collaborate to get the work done using systems like IBM Rational Team Concert® (RTC).

Used separately, these two applications offer their respective users the unique functionality they need, but until now, there wasn't an easy way to cross-pollinate between the two information silos.

The Best of Both Worlds

Planview OpenSuite for IBM Rational Team Concert enables out-of-the-box interoperability between Planview Enterprise and RTC, along with more than 200 other systems. This allows Planview Enterprise and RTC to exchange and leverage data, to ensure consistency and accuracy of data between systems.

Planview Enterprise Integration with IBM Rational Team Concert

When Planview Enterprise and RTC are integrated, those heading up projects can easily connect the output of operational planning processes to project execution by an agile software team to align development work with program priorities.

A product or project manager inputs project specifics, such as phases/iterations and specific tasks into Planview Enterprise, and the data is exported into RTC. A resource manager selects the staff for a project in Planview Enterprise and those assignments are copied to RTC. Using RTC, developers can then establish, assign, and implement the required tasks needed to deliver the requested features. All of the project-level detail is maintained by the developer in RTC, with a link and status updates for the project leader in Planview Enterprise.

Story points entered by developers in RTC are automatically maintained in Planview Enterprise; once the RTC work item is completed, the integration updates Planview Enterprise to show that the story points have been earned.

Key Benefits of Planview OpenSuite for RTC

  • Align program management with development work
  • Connect operational plans to agile execution
  • Share project status seamlessly
  • Enable project managers and developers to communicate in their own languages
  • Improve efficiency, productivity, and collaboration
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