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Planview OpenSuite for BMC Remedy Service Desk

Seamlessly integrate your BMC Remedy Service Desk with Planview Enterprise

With Planview OpenSuite for BMC Remedy Service Desk, you can integrate Planview Enterprise® with the leading service desk available – BMC Remedy Service Desk. When these two powerful technologies are bridged, you can take advantage of an efficient approach to managing service requests that map to overall strategy and ensure that their resources are being optimized.

Planview OpenSuite for BMC Remedy Service Desk automatically transfers specific incident tickets directly into Planview Enterprise. This integration provides users with the ability to create projects from service desk work and prioritize this work against business objectives to balance the portfolio of innovation and sustaining activities.

Service desk personnel are able to manage corrective actions and coordinate support efforts with great efficiency within BMC Remedy Service Desk while pushing project work into Planview Enterprise where it is efficiently handled. This integrated approach to request management:

  • reduces service work,
  • increases staff productivity,
  • delivers reliable solutions designed, and
  • keeps your business healthy and moving in the right direction.

A Comprehensive Approach to Service Desk Actions

With Planview Enterprise, a service request can come from a number of sources. Once a ticket is created in Remedy, it is automatically sent to Planview Enterprise. As service work is executed against approved requests, Planview Enterprise automatically updates your service desk application with the latest infrastructure and service information. This is a closed-loop process designed to ensure that your service desk cases are handled in the most efficient manner possible, without duplicated effort.

Service desk requests route to Planview Enterprise
Planview OpenSuite for BMC Remedy Service Desk routes requests from into Planview Enterprise

Align Resources with Business Demands

Planview Enterprise allows you to balance resources with business demands, ensuring that your resource capacities support your overall strategies. You can perform top-down planning on high-level factors such as FTEs and organizational units, aligning these efforts with the bottoms up planning performed by project managers.

Improve Visibility Throughout Your Organization

Leverage the power of Planview Enterprise by integrating Remedy tickets into a consolidated service management approach. By elevating a request to the project level in Planview Enterprise, service work can easily be tracked, assigned a manager, and monitored with full reporting, with a single point of contact for visibility across the enterprise.

Support Service Request With Built-In Lifecycles

Planview Enterprise is driven by built-in lifecycles that provide a structured approach. These lifecycles automatically manage the process, enabling you to collect the right information at the right time, notify the appropriate user when an action is needed, and ensure that prerequisite actions are completed before status changes occur.