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Project Portfolio Management

Effectively manage projects and resources across the enterprise

Planview Enterprise delivers visibility into and control of project portfolios, enabling you to efficiently prioritize work and make better decisions around request management, planning, and resource capacity. This PPM functionality is included in the base Planview Enterprise offering Enterprise Portfolio Management, which also provides the capacity to perform strategic planning and investment analysis, all within an integrated framework.

Optimize Resources Enterprise-Wide

Project Portfolio Management DashboardProper resource prioritization requires a disciplined process, an understanding of business goals, and the ability to balance demand from multiple sources.

Planview Enterprise project portfolio management helps you balance portfolios to ensure that the most appropriate people will be assigned to do the right work. By managing work with portfolios, you can deliver the highest business value to projects across your enterprise.

Forecast, Baseline, and Manage Project Financials

Forecast, baseline, and manage project financialsProject budgets must be forecast, baselined, and managed throughout the project lifecycle. With Planview Enterprise, financial managers, the PMO, and project managers can collaborate to better forecast costs and monitor spending through actual resource assignments and reported time. In addition, you can integrate with existing financial and account systems.

Mitigate Risks and Manage Changes

With Planview Enterprise, you have the tools to identify project requirements and manage the scope of work. Risks are known, and changes are minimized. The result: more visibility into how your project can stay on track and deliver real business value. You get functionality that includes:

  • Planview Enterprise Add-in for Microsoft Project -- Ensure seamless data transfer between Planview Enterprise and Microsoft Project through fully-supported, two-way integration
  • Request Management -- Provide a single, centralized location where users can request work, check status, delegate requests and review lifecycles
  • Project Management -- Scope, schedule, execute work, and manage projects more effectively. Project management features address time reporting and billing, risk and issue management, work slippage, and resource capacity issues.
  • Resource Management -- Assign work efficiently, develop a skills pipeline, develop staff areas of interest and keep staff productive
  • Portfolio Intelligence -- Track and display performance and trend analysis information on work, resources and key performance indicators
  • Time and Expenses -- Better understand actual cost and value by tracking time and expenses against specific applications or projects. Quickly report time on multiple work items.
  • Changes, Risks, and Issues -- Track and manage issues to discover the possible impact on schedule and cost, and generate an approval cycle for any necessary changes
  • Baselines -- Leverage planned effort data to perform variances reporting as part of an earned value estimate
  • Best Practices -- Support PMBOK standards with Planview PRISMS best practices
Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications Magic Quadrant, 2012

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