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Insight Analytics

Accelerate and improve the quality of business-critical decisions across the enterprise

Insight Analytics, the analytics application for Planview Enterprise, extends the rich portfolio management data in Planview Enterprise throughout your organization, delivering vital business information to every desktop.

Risk Management Effort Strategy

Figure 1. One-click access to the data you need, from high-level overviews to granular details

The intuitive user interface of this powerful, OLAP-based analytics platform enables you to:

  • Drive informed action using interactive analytics to quickly visualize key business information
  • Disseminate information to every desktop through tight integration with Microsoft Office and SharePoint
  • Generate immediate value with pre-built analytics and dashboards
  • Be ready for future needs with a flexible, extensible, OLAP-based design
  • Realize fast ROI with an intuitive platform that minimizes learning curves

Insight Analytics speeds adoption by making it easy to distribute information across and beyond the enterprise. It is accessible via the Planview Enterprise Analytics and Reporting Portal; tightly integrated with Microsoft Office; and built on the Microsoft SharePoint framework and SQL Server Analysis Services.

Interactive Decision-Making Platform

Quickly get to the information you need. Perform analysis of complex data sets through interactive drilling, what-if and trend analysis. With drag-and-drop and pivot table-like capabilities, you can drill down, slice and dice the data, and change views, all with a click of the mouse. Get fast answers to questions like:

  • How much do I spend on innovation versus sustaining work?
  • What is the cost of delivery of a service or application, and who is footing the bill?
  • Over time, are my costs increasing or decreasing?
  • Do I have the right balance of onshore to offshore resources?
  • With which vendors are we working, and what is the cost of each?
Analytics for SharePoint

Figure 2. View analytics in Office applications and SharePoint portals

Easy Sharing Across the Enterprise

Speed adoption with Insight Analytics' integration with Microsoft Office. This enables information dissemination to the desktop of every stakeholder, within or beyond the enterprise. Leverage Insight Analytics views in SharePoint sites, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Outlook emails, and PDF documents. Improve collaboration and accelerate smart decision-making throughout and beyond your organization with access to the rich data in Planview Enterprise.

Powerful Out-of-the-Box Analytics

Pre-built OLAP cubes access all the data in Planview Enterprise applications so organizations can get started quickly. Insight Analytics ships with guided analytics and interactive dashboards for:

  • Strategies – analyzes top-down strategic plans against bottom-up execution by mapping organizational strategies to financial plans, resource capacity and investment costs
  • Work Management – enables analysis of priorities, status, forecasts, baselines, financials, and risk for projects and activities
  • Resources – provides a view into your organization's resources and contractors, ensuring they are executing on the right work, strategies, and applications based on availability and hours worked, planned, and forecasted

Several pre-configured OLAP cubes are specialized to address the needs of:

IT Organizations

  • Process Management – Allows tracking, auditing, and control of key processes
  • Operational Planning – Furnishes central view and access into operational planning
  • Total Cost of Ownership – Offers cost transparency and key performance indicators into IT, so you can analyze all application, service, and innovation costs, and validate allocation of IT costs to the business
  • Services – Spells out the total cost of delivering IT services by enabling you to analyze services, assets, applications, and service level agreements
  • Vendors – Relates costs to vendors for applications, services, and work to ensure you are spending appropriately

Product Development Organizations

  • Process Management – Allows tracking, auditing, and control of key product development processes
  • Ideation – Provides central view into product ideation and demand management
  • Total Cost of Development – Delivers cost transparency and key metrics for the entire product breakdown structure or individual products
  • Product Portfolio Analysis – Offers views into products within user-defined portfolios by corporate and business unit strategies, brand alignment, and lifecycle gate and status
  • Vendors – Allows listing and grouping of vendors and strategic partners to determine their impact on the portfolio of products

Prebuilt OLAP cubes, and cubes easily configured to specific organizational needs, quickly generate actionable analytics. For example, IT organizations can view total IT spend and drill into any cost category to instantly retrieve more information. And product development organizations can access a product portfolio's strategy alignment and view supporting charts for detail.

Flexible Extensibility

Extend the OLAP technology to adapt to your specific processes and controls. If you need to extend your analysis to include new lines of business, product lines, and the like, you can build new OLAP cubes to address them in the comprehensive analytic tool center.

Granular Security

Ease complexity in securing business information. Role-based security integration with Planview Enterprise ensures the right people have the right level of access.

The Power of Insight

Easy to use yet robust, Planview Enterprise Insight Analytics delivers a powerful new experience for stakeholders across the enterprise to view and interact with the deep data store supporting your Planview Enterprise applications. From click-by-click access to critical information, to user-friendly chart views, to easy sharing via Office applications already in use, this dynamic platform delivers the power of insight, enabling you to take informed action and generate positive impact for the entire organization.

Additional Reporting Options in Planview Enterprise

All the project, product, and program data in the world is useless if you can't quickly access, share, analyze, and take action on the data. That's why Planview Enterprise gives you three ways to stay on top of it all – and one easy, unified way to see them all in the Planview Enterprise Analytics and Reporting Portal.