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Ideation Management

Infuse the voice of internal and external customers into your products and services

Planview Enterprise Ideation Management, powered by Brightidea, provides enterprises with an easy-to-use yet robust method for creating and maintaining dynamic customer communities that generate and evaluate product ideas, providing product organizations and IT departments with a true view of customer needs and wants.

Integrated with the industry-leading Planview Enterprise portfolio management platform, and powered by an exclusive partnership with Brightidea, this unique offering helps you shorten the time to delivery of winning ideas within the optimal product and feature mix by ensuring efficient, consistent execution through sound portfolio analysis, capacity planning, and project and resource management.

Hear All of Your Customers - Internal and External

Ideation Management Dashboard

A view of a Planview Enterprise Ideation Management Web-based Idea Campaign

Your customers and users will tell you what about your product or service is valuable and what isn't, what would be a wonderful addition, and what would make them flee to your competitor or workaround tools.

Now, you can ask them, easily and quickly, and they can respond just as simply, in Idea Campaigns you launch in collaborative Web communities that allow them to register their ideas and interact with each other by voting on these ideas. You get a collective, objective approach to gathering a complete picture of "what's hot and what's not," as far as your customers are concerned.

Infuse the Voice of the Customer into Your Ideation Process

Planview Enterprise Ideation Management helps you manage the distribution, ranking, and decision-making for large scale numbers of ideas. With built-in, templated idea screening, scorecarding, action items, batch operations, and categorization, it automates the routing of ideas across silos and geographies to cross-functional teams to ensure the innovation process keeps moving forward and that ideas get in front of decision-makers to determine if they make the cut, and, if so, what part of the optimal product or service mix they form.

Speed Time to Value of Ideas

Enter winning ideas into the Planview Enterprise portfolio management system. From there, Product Development, Product Management, and IT managers can perform what-if analysis early in the lifecycle to ensure that the work requested is technically and financially feasible. The lifecycle process further ensures that requests are continually evaluated for strategic alignment, resource and capacity planning, and project stage-gates and milestones. By putting rigorous and tested processes in place around the winning ideas, you have the ability to transform those ideas into products and services that deliver real value.

Ensure Scalability for Your Needs

Planview Enterprise Ideation Management brings together Brightidea, the Innovation Pipeline Management market leader and Planview Enterprise, the domain expert with 20 years experience in portfolio management, to deliver an end-to-end solution that is scalable from department to business unit to the enterprise, with powerful capabilities that drive competitive differentiation to grow revenue and internal value, no matter your size or the size of your Idea Campaign.