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Investment Optimization Engine

Automate the process of investment decision-making

The Planview Investment Optimization Engine enables portfolio managers to quickly and accurately identify the initiatives that will deliver the highest overall value by automating the rigor, process and metrics of investment decision-making.

Use the Planview Investment Optimization Engine to answer questions such as:

  • What combination of programs provides the most Net Present Value?
  • What combination of projects has the highest total Business Score?
  • How does the Net Present Value (NPV) vary for different total costs?

For example, what levels of NPV can be achieved if the portfolio is $1,000,000, $1,500,000 or $2,000,000?

The Planview Investment Optimization Engine

The optimization process takes into account financial and resource constraints such as Total Cost, Capital Cost, and Resource Availability by Role to enable practical, informed investment portfolio decisions. The Optimization engine automates ranking, decision modeling, and investment prioritization.

Portfolio Managers can run the optimization engine multiple times to see how outcomes change based on different objectives - maximize financial returns, maximize business impact or minimize business and/or technical risk.

The bottom line, the Planview Investment Optimization Engine will allow you to:

  • Build optimal portfolios easily and more quickly
  • Gain confidence that funding decisions best maximize strategic and financial goals