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Enterprise Portfolio Management

Optimize performance by integrating operational planning and execution across the enterprise

The core of Planview Enterprise is Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM), a comprehensive enterprise operational planning and execution system. This platform empowers you to collaborate on and codify your operational plan, driving strategic priorities through project execution, enabling you to efficiently allocate and dynamically manage money and resources. You are able to make better investment decisions to effectively drive revenue, cut costs, and mitigate risk, by synchronizing top-down planning with bottom-up execution.

Enterprise Portfolio Management helps optimize your performance through eight key capabilities:

Strategic Planning

With Enterprise Portfolio Management, you can analyze and manage risks, prioritize strategies, and employ scenario planning to prepare for economic and business uncertainty.

Use Enterprise Portfolio Management to:

Enterprise Portfolio Management Dashboard
  • Define missions, objectives, strategies, and tactics, adding structure to your strategic planning process
  • Assess trade-offs before selecting a specific strategic course
  • Accurately allocate funding and staffing when planning new strategies and initiatives
  • Automate and manage the strategic process with built-in lifecycles that span the entire business strategy continuum
  • Provide your business users with visibility into performance and strategic objectives matching benefits realized

Investment Analysis

Enterprise Portfolio Management uses investment models within portfolios, making it simple for you to determine long-term plans based on strategic business objectives and priorities that are aligned with the organization. This enables you to:

  • Identify the key criteria to evaluate initiatives and eliminate low-value initiatives
  • Optimize strategic, program, product, service, and project investments to maximize financial return and business impact -- Learn more about Investment Analysis
  • Balance innovative initiatives with sustaining work

Capacity Planning

Enterprise Portfolio Management helps you balance resources with business demands, ensuring that organizational capacities support your business strategies. With it, you can:

  • Understand how capacity and demand align by key factors such as role, resource type, department
  • Highlight where resources are lacking and where excess capacity exists to dynamically plan and allocate both FTEs and money to the most important work
  • Forecast resource capacity within a framework based on roles rather than individuals

Demand Management

Enterprise Portfolio Management provides a single, centralized location where managers, employees, and stakeholders can:

  • Request work
  • Check status
  • Delegate requests
  • Review lifecycles

Resource Management

Proper resource prioritization requires a disciplined process, an understanding of business goals, and the ability to balance demand from multiple sources. Enterprise Portfolio Management helps you balance portfolios to ensure that the most appropriate people are assigned to do the right work. By managing work with portfolios, you can

  • Assign work efficiently
  • Develop a skills pipeline
  • Cultivate staff areas of interest
  • Keep staff productive
  • Improve forecasting through use of a framework based on roles rather than individuals
  • Ensure that short-term changes in personnel do not impact strategic goals

Project Management

With Enterprise Portfolio Management, you can scope, schedule, and execute work, and manage projects more effectively. It gives you the ability to:

Project Portfolio Management Dashboard
  • Better understand actual costs and project value
  • Track and report time worked and expenses against specific projects
  • Track and manage risks and issues such as work slippage
  • Track and display performance and trend analysis information on work, resources, and key performance indicators
  • Get quick status updates through the interactive, editable grid format
  • Leverage both traditional and Agile development methodologies for maximum flexibility

Financial Management

Enterprise Portfolio Management allows financial and operating groups to work together to create better financial plans, track the costs of projects, products and assets, and ultimately understand the total cost of delivering value. The comprehensive, integrated system provides financial planning to budget and forecast planned costs and benefits, cost management to understand the planned and actual costs across both labor and capital, and a financial interoperability platform to integrate with your organization's financial systems. This allows users to:

  • Link organizational financials, strategic objectives and the operational delivery of products, programs and services
  • Drive strategic alignment, measure performance in meaningful business terms, and promote overall accountability
  • Better forecast costs and monitor spending through actual resource assignments and reported time

Change Management

With Enterprise Portfolio Management, you have the tools to identify project requirements and manage the scope of work. Risks are known and changes are minimized. The result: more visibility into how your project can stay on track and deliver real business value. With this functionality, you can:

  • Effectively manage change
  • Track and handle issues
  • Discover the possible impacts of changes on schedules and costs
  • Generate an approval cycle for any necessary changes

Analytics and Reporting Portal

The Analytics and Reporting Portal is a unified environment that brings together all of Planview Enterprise's powerful reporting capabilities including Insight Analytics, Charts and Dashboards, and Business Objects. This provides people across the organization access to information that is relevant to them while driving better business decisions. The portal provides the following features to improve accessibility and visibility into portfolio management reporting and enhance corporate collaboration:

  • Access to single portal to view all of Planview's Analytics and Reporting capabilities
  • Communication forum where stakeholders share information about projects, reporting and more with Yammer-corporate social collaboration
  • Access reporting remotely with the iPad while on the go
  • Integration with Microsoft® Outlook, Office, Office Communicator, and SharePoint

Transfer Project Data with the Add-In for Microsoft Project

Extend the business rules of portfolio planning in Planview Enterprise to Microsoft Project. This bidirectional add-in provides a user-friendly approach that gives access to Planview Enterprise projects and resources directly from Microsoft Project.

Providing an add-in toolbar interface to Project, it allows users to interact with Planview Enterprise without leaving the Microsoft application; any changes made in Project are instantly reflected in Planview Enterprise, so that portfolio planners and project managers know the true state of all their programs and projects.