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Financial Management

Maximize performance and achieve financial visibility

Most organizations manage their work with tools that are disconnected from those that plan, measure, and monitor financial costs. They can track what they spend in a department or cost center, but cannot easily connect the spend with the value delivered.

When financial planning, strategic management, project management, product development, and IT services occur as separate processes organizations cannot justify and explain their overall total costs and how those costs translate into value.

Your Solution: Planview Enterprise

The financial management capabilities embedded in Planview Enterprise provide a comprehensive, integrated system for performing portfolio management planning and execution with robust capabilities for budgeting, forecasting, and tracking costs and benefits.

Planview Enterprise Dynamic Financial Planning

Figure 1. Planview financial management capabilities enable dynamic financial planning

You get dynamic, real-time visibility into the costs and benefits of strategies, products, projects, applications, assets, and services and are able to see:

  • Who is doing the work
  • The value or deliverable produced
  • Who is paying for it

When financial management is an integral part of portfolio management, you are empowered to drive strategic alignment, measure performance in meaningful business terms, and promote overall accountability.

Budget and Forecast Costs and Benefits

Dynamic financial planning helps you achieve more accurate budgeting and forecasting so you can:

  • Build financial plans on projects, strategies, products, services, and assets/applications
  • Capture the right level of financial information for the right process, allowing for high-level costs and benefits on strategies and products with more detailed financial data on execution-level work, assets, and services
  • Increase revenue and drive accountability with improved revenue forecasting
  • Manage specific projects, strategies, products, services, and assets in multiple currencies simultaneously
  • Mitigate risk through financial transparency between Financial Planning and Reforecasting and Project Execution

Drive Innovation through Strategic Financial Planning

Planview Enterprise can help you drive innovation and achieve higher performance with your financial management systems by defining processes that prompt higher accountability and better decisions.

Strategic financial planning:

Planview Enterprise Strategic Financial Planning

Figure 2. Convergence of top-down and bottom-up financial planning

  • Combines the disciplines of portfolio management, strategic planning, and financial management to plan and manage resources based on your strategic plan
  • Provides a baseline for operational planning by instantiating the strategic plan as the basis for defining the work, products and services of the company
  • Overcomes limitations of organizational financial management by improving strategic alignment and financial transparency
  • Converges top-down strategic planning targets and bottom-up strategic planning plans

Balance Cost with Value

Planview Enterprise provides an integrated financial platform for linking execution activities, costs, and organizations to help you:

  • Plan, forecast, and track the costs and benefits of:
    • Product development efforts to understand Total Cost of Product Development (TCD)
    • Applications and assets to understand Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    • Services and asset costs to understand Total Cost of Services (TCS)
  • Understand the relationship between internal organizational costs, the value provided, and the benefit received
  • Integrate non-labor expenditures into project execution, ensuring the integrated planning and management of non labor costs within the context of the project schedule
  • Define labor rates based upon the attributes your organization uses to cost labor, including role, location, resource type, vendor, department, project and cost center
  • Calculate actual and planned labor costs with Enterprise Resource Costing based on organizational rates

Get What You Need, the Way You Need It

Planview Enterprise offers a robust experience for financial users, with meaningful processes and concepts. This delivers:

  • The facility of working either in a rich, spreadsheet-like user experience or in Microsoft Excel via a bi-directional interface
  • Comprehensive analytics, which provide you with the financial information you need to make key decisions.
  • A configurable and flexible financial approach, enabling financially-oriented processes in support of portfolio management