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Planview Enterprise On Demand

The Planview SaaS offering provides fast implementation for comprehensive portfolio management and quick time to value

When facing increasing expectations and constrained resources, business leaders have to find more innovative and flexible ways to enable productivity. Planview Enterprise On Demand, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering for portfolio management, offers the choice.

Leverage the comprehensive portfolio management capabilities of Planview Enterprise without dedicating time and resources to internal infrastructure management. With Planview Enterprise On Demand, you get the robust features of an enterprise-scale deployment, with fast implementation and short time to value.

The 'What You Need, When and the Way You Need It' Solution

No matter your organization size or process maturity level, stakeholders will realize portfolio management benefits quickly, to drive maximum value from projects, services, and products with negligible impact on infrastructure and budget.

Planview's scalable solution grows with your needs, so you can take full advantage of the market's most comprehensive resource, demand, and financial management tools over time.

Your organization will realize:

  • Accelerated time to value. You can access the functionality of Planview Enterprise quickly and easily, enabling impact on business outcomes faster.
  • Reduced costs. The SaaS model greatly minimizes up-front and ongoing management costs, reducing multi-site hardware, software, and support expenses.
  • Scalable configuration. As your usage increases, system resources are added as needed without a large, up-front investment.
  • Organizational flexibility. You'll have the flexibility to shift budgets and resources from IT service maintenance to higher-priority initiatives.

Planview Enterprise On Demand Features

Planview is recognized for its quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. Planview Enterprise On Demand delivers that commitment with features that include:

  • Around-the-clock availability. Users just need a Web browser to access all the benefits of Planview. Planview Enterprise On Demand is available 24/7, and the hosted solution is maintained with continuous monitoring to ensure consistent availability.
  • Deployment flexibility to meet your business needs. You can start with Planview Enterprise On Demand and then later convert to a Planview on-premise installation. Or start on-premises and then move to Planview Enterprise On Demand.
  • Expert service and support. Technical support is delivered via the expert Planview hosting operations, and includes systems management, scheduled backups, database optimization, seamless upgrades and patches, with data archive and recovery services.
  • Complete customer control over upgrade timing. One of the benefits of the cloud-hosted infrastructure is it allows the customer to specify when to do upgrades to newer versions of Planview Enterprise On Demand. Customers can try out new versions of Planview Enterprise On Demand in a test environment before switching over to production.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and partners. Planview Enterprise On Demand features an advanced cloud hosted infrastructure with high-end server hardware, database management software, firewall protection, data storage services, and malware protection. In addition, you benefit from the Planview relationship with world-class server and co-location partners for high reliability and performance.
  • Secure solutions. You get the highest possible level of security for all users. SSL Encryption guarantees data privacy, password protection, and the security of your data. The cloud-hosted infrastructure allows hosts each customer in a separate virtual environment to provide secure isolation of customer data.
  • Competitive Pricing. Planview offers competitive pricing with a simple model based on the total number of Planview users. The initial setup and monthly fees include everything you need to get started.

Planview Enterprise On Demand Provides


  • Secure access to Planview Enterprise software
  • 24/7 availability and infrastructure monitoring
  • Off-site data storage with premier partners
  • Continuous system performance monitoring
  • Service Level Agreement of 99.8% per month
  • Historical Uptime of 99.998%

Server environments

  • Load-balanced environment
  • Web tier
  • Application tier
  • Database tier with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Reporting tier (Business Objects and Reporting Portal)
  • 128-bit encryption SSL certificates
  • Enterprise-grade SAN for all data storage
  • Akamai Web acceleration for optimal global performance for your end users

Optional services

  • Financial repository data exports
  • Custom data exports
  • Real-time data interface via VPN
  • Single sign-on integration
  • Encrypted data storage

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