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Delivery Options

Deployment choices that make sense for your organization

The way you choose to deploy Planview Enterprise is as flexible as the solution itself!

Choose from on-premises, hosted, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) options -- or blend them as the needs and infrastructure of the organization change: the choice is yours.

Delivery Option Benefits

  • On-premises: The software is installed and runs on the organization's network. The control is all yours when you own the software and hardware.
  • Hosted: License Planview Enterprise software and we will handle the hardware including set up and ongoing maintenance in our highly secure datacenter. The hosted option provides the flexibility needed with changing and dynamic infrastructures.
  • Software-as-a Service: Planview takes care of the hardware and software -- and when new versions of Planview Enterprise are released, you get to upgrade without maintenance costs. Learn more about Planview's SaaS delivery model.

No matter your organization size or needs, there is a Planview Enterprise deployment option that fits.