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May 2013

A Game-Changing Approach to Providing the Right Medical Devices to Developing Countries

Is This a Click Moment?

Last month I attended the Medical Devices 10X Conference in Minneapolis. There I met Terry Mandel, founder of BioMedLink ‒‒ a woman who believes in serendipity or, as PIPELINE Keynote Frans Johansson would say, "click moments." These moments ‒‒ when the right ideas, people, and circumstances come together to seed or propel innovation forward that otherwise would not happen ‒‒ urge us to stop and tune in or miss an opportunity. I learned of the organization she founded, BioMedLink, which uses a systematic approach to connect frugal innovators with funding sources and their affordable inventions with the clinics and hospitals in developing countries that need them. In our interview for the PIPELINE Wire, Terry shares the impetus behind the organization and why it has the potential to impact billions of lives. Read the article Innovation Insights: A Q&A with Terry Mandel of BioMedLink to learn more.

I'd like to hear from you. Share a time when the right ideas, people, and circumstances came together to seed or propel innovation forward or let us know of an innovation that is changing the game in a powerful way by leaving a comment below.

Keeping Up with the Innovators: A Look at Recent Entries on the PIPELINE Wire

With the PIPELINE 2013 conference taking place this week, we are enjoying access to valuable insights and lessons learned from the conference speakers and sponsors. Here are a couple of recent articles worth a read:

Posted on the PIPELINE 2013 Wire, Innovation Insights: A Q&A with PIPELINE Speaker Pascal Finette, is a sneak peek into what the director of the Office of the Chair at Mozilla will share in his PIPELINE breakout session. Pascal, a believer in the open-innovation paradigm, explains how "innovation in its most elemental form is a funnel process." He then goes on to share how Mozilla embraced this philosophy as it started out to "do the impossible" and take on Microsoft. Read the full interview to learn more about Pascal's perspective on the tangible steps product developers can take to effectively use innovation to drive meaningful change that can increase market share.

Another insightful read on the Wire this week is titled, A New Frontier for the Learning Organization ‒‒ Better Innovation by Understanding the Big Picture. Chad McAllister, founder of Product Innovation Educators, shares five actions organizations can take to advance their learning about innovation. Read the complete article to find out why it is important for businesses to become learning organizations and start looking at effective ways to address root causes rather than chase issues.

Later this week, the Wire will feature interviews with keynote speaker Frans Johansson, innovation author and founder/CEO of the Medici Group, and Product Pulse will feature Terry Mandel, founder of a startup that is demonstrating innovation that can change the world with its dedication to improving access to affordable and effective biomedical innovation in the developing world.

Stay tuned to Product Pulse for more from PIPELINE speakers and other innovation experts and product development leaders.

Innovation and Portfolio Management: Wise Tips from the Wire

As event manager for the PIPELINE 2013 conference, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Kevin McFarthing. The word that comes to mind when I think of him is "enthusiastic" and I truly appreciate that he has been a wonderful supporter of PIPELINE and the innovation education it offers attendees. When you read Kevin's blogs, I think you'll find he also brings experience and wisdom to what he shares. And, as he is a frequent contributor to the Innovation Excellence blog, you may already be aware of all this. But in case you're not, I wanted to bring your attention to his latest contribution to the PIPELINE 2013 Wire: The Portfolio is the Pivotal Tool for Innovation Success

My favorite line is: Innovation needs creativity for great ideas, excellent execution in product and service development, strong external and internal communication, committed and capable people ‒‒ the portfolio is the tool that holds it all together. Of course, "How?" is likely the question that we are compelled to ask when reading that statement. Conveniently for us, he provides eight tips for effective and efficient portfolio management. Read more on the PIPELINE Wire.