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May 2011

A Look Down the (Pipe)Line

As PIPELINE 2011 -- a free, Web-based conference focused on product innovation -- draws near, I've had the pleasure of meeting more than a few of its presenters.

Last year, we at Planview started this PIPELINE thing with the initial PIPELINE 2010 conference. We felt there was a great opportunity to leverage a virtual technology platform to bring together a critical mass of thought leaders and practitioners in the innovation and product development domain. We received great feedback on that conference and committed to this year's installment.

Last year was a great start, but after meeting many of this year's speakers, I can tell you that this year's event is going to be awesome.

PIPELINE 2011 brings together more practitioners that ever before from a broad range of industries and perspectives. It starts with Nick Webb and a glimpse into his latest research on digital innovation. Later, Malcolm De Leo hits the power of social media to augment customer insight. Certainly one of the highlights will be Dr. Erez Morag from Nike Sports Research Labs on the interplay of brand and innovation when it comes to enhancing the performance of the world's premier soccer (or football) players.

Bridging academia and industry are Anthony Di Benedetto with the PDMA and Dr. Bengt Järrehult of SCA Global. Other sessions include industry practitioners from Flowserve, Infineum, and Kimberly-Clark. Add in Kalypso and Siemens, and industry analysts Jim Brown and Chad Jackson (and that's just to name a few!) -- it's an impressive agenda.

The content is great, the platform is innovative, the scope is global, and in case you forgot -- it's FREE. Make the time to attend PIPELINE 2011 on June 1st (or anytime the 90 days after the event - another nice benefit of that virtual platform), it will be a truly unique event.

Registration is free at I hope to "see" you there. It's going to be great.

Social Media Meets Innovation

Social Media is a fact of life. It impacts not only our personal lives every day, but our business lives as well. Malcolm De Leo, Chief Evangelist at Netbase, is responsible for helping people see the power of social media as a data source for driving the business. Join us at PIPELINE 2011: The Online Conference for Innovative Product Development where Malcolm, during his closing keynote presentation, will share how social media fits into your organization's innovation process.

Malcolm has recently blogged about the challenges and impact of social media in the Enterprise. He says:

"… About two months ago I discussed the concept of culture based adoption. This idea, which discussed how new software is as much about getting people to use new tools as it is about changing culture in the process, is at the center of the social media debate in my mind.

For many months, I have learned much about what I consider the slow adoption of social media as a data source. In working with many companies in many fields, I have heard many reasons why they are slow to integrate what is clearly impacting all of us everyday. It's not accurate. It's biased. Only gen y is online. Companies are poisoning the data. The list goes on and on. But what often amazes me is this. When confronted by what I consider fear of change within the corporation (a topic of the politics of innovation), I always ask people one simple question. When you are about to buy an appliance or an electronic product what is the first thing you do? The all say go to the web and read up. This to me highlights the struggle social media faces within the Enterprise. The ENTERPRISE is not telling the WE or the ME (my earlier post) that social media is extremely important. There is cultural misalignment and therefore resistance to this new and powerful idea. The proof is in the fact the everyone (ME) turns to the web immediately about hundred times a day through their phone."

Read Malcolm's full blog post at The Innovation Muse-ings.

From the convenience of your desktop, join us and watch Malcolm's presentation at PIPELINE 2011. You'll find that it's not unlike live conferences: you can connect with other attendees, hear keynotes, choose speaker tracks, network, access sponsor resources in the Expo Hall, etc., -- with one major difference. You don't have to leave your desk.

Oh, and did I mention it's free? Check it out at