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December 2011

Top Six Most Widely Read PMO Resources of the Year

It has been an amazing year in the portfolio management space and it is time to reflect on accomplishments and new goals on the horizon. As the year comes to a close, I'd like to share the most popular PMO resources of 2011. The list covers everything from tips for resource planning and best practices for transforming your PMO to analyst research reports. It's a good set of reference material as you begin planning initiatives for 2012.

Six most widely read PMO resources of 2011:

  1. PDF: Un-Common Sense Resource Planning: 11 Tips -- Now is a great time to abandon the practices that lead to inefficiencies and chaos in resource capacity planning. Most of it is a matter of embracing common sense! With that in mind, here are 11 un-common sense tips that will help you maximize your valuable resources.
  2. PDF: The Capacity Quadrant: 4 Keys to Demystifying Resource Management -- Author Jerry Manas outlines four key areas to address when managing capacity and demand for better staffing and funding decisions, increased productivity, and ultimately higher value.
  3. Video / webcast: The PMO in 2011 - Question Everything, a Conversation with Margo Visitacion of Forrester Research, Inc. -- Thousands registered to participate in a conversation with Margo Visitacion, Vice President, Forrester Research, Inc. and Terry Doerscher as they discussed real-life examples of today's "change agent" PMOs adapting to the constantly evolving landscape in familiar (and not so familiar) parts of their organizations.
  4. PDF: Are You Ready to Transform Your PMO? -- The report written by Margo Visitacion, Vice President, Forrester Research, followed the PMO in 2011 discussion mentioned above. In the report she gives her perspective on today's PMOs and their move away from traditional methods and toward more flexible approaches that adapt to changing delivery models.
  5. PDF: 50 Ways to Lead Your Users: Driving Cultural & Operational Change -- Author Jerry Manas compiled this list of 50 proven, some even unconventional, ways to lead users to a new standard in technology and process in their organizations.
  6. 2011 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Applications -- Access the report to learn why Gartner says that "Integrated IT portfolio analysis applications help IT managers link their respective non-project-related portfolios and perspectives, while giving them access to a strong set of project portfolio management functions for investment planning, visibility and prioritization."

We want to hear from you. What resources did you find beneficial and why? Did you find a particular subject valuable that did not make the list? Tell us why by posting a comment below.

Happy New Year and I look forward to connecting with you in 2012.

Connecting Strategic, Financial, and Operational Planning

Yesterday, J. Rourke wrote an article on Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management Blog titled "EPM Resolutions for 2012" and resolution #3 caught my attention.

"Many organizations suffer from planning processes that aren't aligned across functions and are supported by disconnected spreadsheets. Look for ways to better integrate long-term, strategic planning with financial budgeting as well as operational planning. Reel in processes that still rely on spreadsheets and use web-based software applications to eliminate time and resources spent on data collection and aggregation. Connecting strategic, financial and operational planning like Societe General will also help improve resource alignment across the organization."
-- Rourke, J. (2011, December 19) Retrieved from EPM Resolutions for 2012.

Planview Vision for Portfolio ManagementOver the past year we have begun engaging with customers on exactly this problem from the portfolio management perspective. I cannot help to find it interesting that the message here is about "connecting strategic, financial and operational planning." Let me share a graphic from the opening slide of the Planview company overview -- our vision for portfolio management.

I would contend that to truly connect financials with strategy and operations, you need a software platform that can natively speak each of these languages -- not just the language of financial budgeting. Portfolio management systems were originally designed to align strategy with projects. Over recent years we have invested to make our portfolio management solution, Planview Enterprise, capable of describing all types of investments in deep financial detail, and fully capable to integrate with traditional budgeting systems to translate strategic and operational plans into financial plans.

The majority of organizations "still rely on spreadsheets;" we have seen it. These spreadsheets augment the gaps in traditional budgeting and strategic planning tools. The gaps can be filled with portfolio management solutions like Planview Enterprise with great success.

Portfolio Management is expanding its reach as a discipline. Analysts in the CPM/EPM space are seeing this happen. Traditional EPM suites are incredibly powerful, but if you want to tackle resolution #3 considers adding portfolio management to your EPM solution.

We want to hear from you. How does your company connect strategic, financial, and operational planning? What software platform are you using to achieve your corporate goals? Please share your opinions, experiences, or best practices by posting a comment.