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The Capacity Quadrant: 4 Keys to Demystifying Resource Management

Listen in on an interview with Jerry Manas, best-selling author and senior writer and editor of Planview PRISMS best practices and Enterprise Technology Management's Managing Editor, Ali Klaver, as she talks with Jerry about his most recent foray into demystifying resource management.

Jerry ManasJerry Manas is the author of the best-sellers Napoleon on Project Management and Managing the Gray Areas. Throughout his career as an author, speaker, and consultant, Jerry has built a reputation for taking complex information and processes and making them clear and accessible. As Senior Editor at Planview, he applies this passion to developing best practices that help organizations achieve breakthrough performance across a framework of processes and roles. Jerry's work has been highlighted in a variety of publications and he has appeared on radio programs nationwide. A prominent voice in the blogosphere, he is a founding member of the Project Management Institute's New Media Council, which keeps abreast of trending topics.

Learn more about each specific section of what Jerry has named, The Capacity Quadrant, the four dynamics at play when managing capacity and demand:

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-- Broadening your view to gain a more holistic picture of demand, a truer picture of capacity, and a better sense of the variables that impact resource productivity and workload.
Download Visibility MP3 (8:45, 6.03 MB)


-- Understanding which work is most important, and how it relates to strategies, goals, and value.
Download Prioritization MP3 (4:17, 2.69 MB)


-- Focusing on making the most efficient use of your resources across the right mix of work.
Download Optimization MP3 (5:39, 3.9 MB)


-- Planning in cycles at multiple levels of the organization, and to varying levels of detail.
Download Iteration MP3 (6:34, 4.53 MB)