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Planview Horizons 2012 User Conference

October 29-31, 2012
Austin, TX

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PMI - Project Management Institute

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Planview Leadership Awards

The Planview Leadership Awards recognize achievement in and commitment to the advancement of the field of portfolio management and innovative and creative uses of Planview products or services. The awards recognize customers for their outstanding accomplishments in delivering value and efficiency to their organizations.

Leadership Award for Vision

The Leadership Award for Vision recognizes success in developing and moving towards performance management leadership. The award goes to organizations that leverage Planview solutions to demonstrate this vision through active partnership with executives, and through practices and processes that support ongoing alignment in the success of the enterprise.

Horizons Vision Award

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters EPMO vision to creates a competitive advantage through portfolio, program, and project management excellence, and using Planview Enterprise to support that vision and provide operational information for active decision making.

Leadership Award for Achievement

The Leadership Award for Achievement recognizes outstanding implementation success. The Achievement Award goes to organizations that spend less and/or deliver more than before, are of higher quality than before, and that receive better internal satisfaction ratings than before.

Horizons Achievement Award

College Board has achieved outstanding use of Planview Enterprise to create the various system level views and reports to advance their business operations and the exemplary approach to adoption and ongoing support.

Horizons Achievement Award

NASCO implemented robust financial management capabilities in Planview Enterprise for costing, trending and forecasting, and for using Planview Enterprise to drive improved transparency into resource supply and demand integrated with their governance and compliance process.

Leadership Award for Community

The Leadership Award for Community goes to an organization that are active within the Planview customer community, encourage others by sharing proven best practices, and exemplify a commitment to peer support to drive excellence that is inspiring and beneficial to the organization's success.

Horizons Community Award

Central Garden and Pet has significantly contributed to the Planview customer community by proactively posting useful tips-and-tricks and answering forum questions, sharing ideas during training sessions, and participation at Planview Horizons.